Basic Life Support Begins with Emotions


Can being in love with someone actually affect your health?  According to HeartMath, a research company that explores the connection between the heart’s emotional state and health, it does.


Studies done by HeartMath claims to have proven a correlation between the emotional state of the heart and the overall health of the body.  While it is commonly known that high levels of stress will lead to a physiologic response in the body (which includes increased heart rate, high blood pressure, confusion, headaches, etc.) leading to adverse cardiovascular disease and stroke, less commonly understood is the opposite result that occurs when emotions are in a loving, peaceful state.


MSNBC posted the following as part of their “Health Smarts Series”:


HeartMath’s research shows that when we experience heart-felt emotions like love, care, appreciation and compassion, the heart produces a very different rhythm. In this case it is a smooth pattern that looks like gently rolling hills. Harmonious heart rhythms, which reflect positive emotions, are considered to be indicators of cardiovascular efficiency and nervous system balance. This lets the brain know that the heart feels good and often creates a gentle warm feeling in the area of the heart. Learning to shift out of stressful emotional reactions to these heartfelt emotions can have profound positive effects on the cardiovascular system and on our overall health.


Proof that the twitter-pated feelings arising from finding that one person who makes your heart “skip a beat” is perhaps one of the kindest emotional states for overall health.  Keeping disease at bay and avoiding the unexpected event that would precipitate the 9-1-1 call and subsequent CPR assistance is most preferable and apparently easily avoided simply by falling in love.


To quote Dr. Rollin McCraty, director of research for the Institute of HeartMath, “It’s important to emphasize that it is not a mental image of a memory that creates a shift in our heart rhythm, but rather the emotions associated with the memory. Mental images alone usually do not produce the same significant results that we’ve observed when someone focuses on a positive feeling.”


Taking time this Valentine’s Day to be with the one you love may be the best medicine.  Spend time being mindful of those pleasant moments life has to offer and share a moment of appreciation about something significantly wonderful.  Take time to say “I love you” and share that miraculous heart healthy remedy with someone you love…you’ll both feel better!

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