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Most Useful Skills in a Zombie Apocalypse

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Gaining a Better Understanding of Fear – BLS and First Aid

I know numerous people who have told me they tend to shy away from taking classes due to an overwhelming feeling of text anxiety. Even when a course is beneficial, fun and enlightening, that last requirement of taking “the test” sends very intelligent and capable people running the other direction. So how does that happen?

Sleep’s Affect on Heart Disease – BLS Basics

A marriage exists between two necessary parts of living – the need for a solid night’s sleep and cardiac health. Yet it is often a love-hate relationship between sleep and our heart. Indeed, to be lacking in either can lead to a rapid decline in overall wellness. How is this possible?

Basic Life Support Training Orange County

For most, beginning the day without a morning cup of java is unthinkable. In fact, coffee is the mainstay breakfast beverage for over 80% of the adult US population. So how does drinking coffee every day affect your heart? The answer might surprise you.

Stopping Strokes and CPR

Called “the Power to End Stroke Movement”, the American Heart Association’s program provides education about the risk factors leading to possible stroke. Learn how you can join the movement.

ACLS to the Rescue in Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition that most will face with time. Recognizing those risk factors that contribute to heart failure is a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Children’s Injuries and Sports – CPR and First Aid

Children get hurt as they play and injury is part of growing up. But what can be done to minimize the potential for childhood injury? Several steps can be taken and as responsible adults, we need to know what to do to keep our kids safe at play.


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