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Chest Pain in Children – PALS to the Rescue (part two)

Uncommon to children is the complaint of chest pain that is related to cardiac injury or illness. Typical pediatric chest pain complaints are due to minor injury, illness or even stress. But when there is a cardiac cause for a child’s chest pain, serious concerns can be raised.

President’s Day and ACLS

If President George Washington had been able to call 9-1-1, would he have survived the pneumonia that eventually took his life?

The A-B-C’s of BLS and L-O-V-E

Can being in L-O-V-E actually help lover cholesterol levels and increase hormones supportive of a healthy heart? The answer is “Yes!” according to research. Perhaps Valentine’s Day is the most important day of the year.

Hollywood ACLS

“Clear” is the catch-phrased used by actors in Hollywood just prior to randomly shocking their victim. Is this reality or just a director’s idea of what really happens in a “Code Blue”?

Heart Healthy Valentine

Make a promise to send yourself a Valentine – a diet of heart healthy foods sure to make your next step to overall wellness an enjoyable one.


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