Tips for Increasing Physical Activity’s FUN and BLS


I love watching little kids at play.  They are so in-the-moment, adventurous in their creativity and focus.  What would happen if we assumed that same in-the-moment focus with our own physical activity?


The benefits of staying active, living in the moment and maintaining our physical health as a priority has been well established.  Doing so isn’t always that easy.  Setting a goal for staying physically active is the first step.  Following through is the difficult part but can also be the most rewarding.  The American Heart Association has provided s a list of some of the extra benefits that come from staying physically active.


Consider the suggestions below as a motivational list of “perks” per se (


– Keep that frame of mind in a great place by staying active.  Focused time “in the moment” during activity is reflective of a child’s play, something as adults we generally have to re-learn.  Doing so lightens our mood and helps create a positive attitude.


– Sleep habits improve with regular activity.  Energy levels increase as a result of a full night’s rest which also helps with weight loss.


– Concentration is sharper with physical activity.  Taking time to raise endorphin levels just 20 minutes prior to working on a project allows one to regain focus and maintain better concentration.


– Sharing physical activity with friends strengthens relationships, provides quality time with others and introduces new friendships.


– Avoid those sport injuries with a few minutes of pre and post work-out stretching.  In addition, balance and strength increases.  Consider doing a few yoga poses before and after you exercise.


Of course, before beginning any new physical exercise, seek the advice of your physician to keep problems (and that 9-1-1 call for BLS assistance) at bay.  Finding ways to create positive experiences while increasing overall activity levels are excellent steps that can be taken to help stay on target.  Meeting that one goal is sign of success with any exercise program.


Taking a moment to reflect on the early days of childhood and mimicking an in-the-moment focus while staying physically active has tremendous benefits to overall well-being.  Steps such as these support healthier lifestyles, maybe even keep us old-folks young at heart!

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