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Looking to get your employees, team, or group CPR certified? Consider onsite CPR training from SureFire CPR. We’ll come to your office to provide an on-demand CPR and first aid certification course for you and your team. It’s an easy way to fit training into busy schedules and ensure that everyone receives high-quality instruction.

Over 1,000 businesses have chosen SureFire CPR as their CPR training provider. For years, we’ve helped teams around Southern California get equipped with life-saving CPR skills. Our customers continue to choose us for our welcoming staff, specialized instruction, and convenient scheduling.

Why You Should Invest in On Site CPR Training

Company CPR certifications may not be as flashy as free lunches or ping-pong tables, but workplace safety is ultimately a more important investment. Prioritizing your team’s health and safety will only result in a more positive, productive workplace. When employees feel safe and respected, they are better team players and contributors.

If everyone at the office knows CPR and First Aid, we will all be safer at work. Whether you run a public pool and need to train a new crew of lifeguards or manage a corporate office and just want to level-up your company’s safety skills, onsite CPR training is a smart call.

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CPR Training is A Necessity

In the event of an emergency, knowing how to quickly and properly perform the necessary life-saving techniques, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS), can often mean the difference between the life and death of a victim. By receiving the proper training and certification in CPR and other life-saving techniques, medical personnel, other professionals and citizens can have the confidence to respond effectively in the event of an emergency.

While most healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics and firefighters, are required to receive specific life support certifications for their respective profession (including ACLS, PALS, PEARS, NRP), many hospitals, medical schools and other organizations are unaware of just how beneficial on-site training and certification can be for their staff.

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, accounting for anywhere between 250,000 and 400,000 deaths each year according to the American Heart Association. And according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 10,000 cardiac arrests occur while victims are at work. However, when CPR and other First Aid care is provided within the first five to seven minutes of an incident, a victim’s chances of survival can increase by 60 percent according to OSHA. By offering CPR and First Aid classes, either on-site or at a training facility like SureFire CPR in Southern California, organizations and businesses can ensure that all employees receive vital life-saving skills to help increase these chances of survival in the event of an emergency at the workplace. Furthermore, by offering CPR and First Aid classes, businesses can often help reduce their insurance rates and help their staff to better work together as a coordinated, productive team. Having a team of trainers come to your location also conveniently avoids any downtime and costs associated with off-site training, and will ensure that your entire team is up-to-date with safety regulations.

Employees from a wide range of professions including schools, fitness centers, security administration, business offices, construction companies, corporations and many more, can also benefit from being adequately prepared to respond to an emergency in the workplace. On-site training can help boost the confidence of employees, make the workplace a safer place and help to build team cooperation and morale

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SureFire CPR is an industry-leading CPR and First Aid instruction company serving Southern California, which offers your organization all of the benefits and convenience of on-site training. In addition,
SureFire CPR has classes offered at their state-of-the art facilities. The following report details how SureFire CPR’s elite staff’s first-hand knowledge and real-world emergency experience can benefit your organization by bringing the highest quality training to your employees at your workplace. We’ll explore the Who, What, When, Where and Why of receiving on-site training from SureFire CPR.

Who Benefits from On-Site Training and Who Teaches the Classes?

Proper CPR and other emergency response training and certification can help ensure that anyone, including professionals across a wide range of industries and laypersons in general are empowered to act quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.

Many businesses can benefit by offering their employees training and certification for CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens so that they are prepared to respond effectively during an emergency.

Those professions include:

  • School Personnel (Teachers, Coaches,
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Construction Crews
  • Security Guards
  • Lifeguards
  • Childcare Providers
  • Flight Attendants
  • Workers with OSHA and other workplace safety requirements
  • Any office employee or layperson wishing to be prepared for an emergency situation

An elite team of professional paramedics, firefighters, lifeguards, EMTs and other medical personnel, teaches all of SureFire CPR’s on-site classes. Their instructors have all performed CPR and other life saving techniques in real life situations and can offer first hand insight from their own experience and expertise. The team of instructors at SureFire CPR is enthusiastic and supportive, and can work on-site teaching groups from as small as eight people and groups larger than 100. Classes can be taught in both English and Spanish. 

What Classes Are Offered By SureFire CPR for On-Site Training and What Do They Include?

The entire SureFire CPR course catalog is available for on-site training, as well as at their facilities throughout Southern California. Each class includes professionally trained instructors. You can choose from any one of SureFire CPR’s core-training classes to gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to perform these skills should you or your employees ever need to:

SureFire CPR also offers exclusive Advanced Training Packages, Online Continuing Education and much more.

Image of men administering CPR
SureFire CPR course catalog is available for on-site training, as well as at their facilities throughout Southern California.

When Can On-Site CPR Classes Be Held?

Image of women learning how to get their cpr certification
All of SureFire CPR’s certifications (CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS, PALS, PEARS, NRP) are valid for 2 years

SureFire CPR on-site classes can be held seven days a week, from as early as 7am to as late as 5pm. The SureFire CPR team will work with your organization’s schedule to accommodate an ideal class schedule, either during business hours or after work. One of the major advantages of on-site training and certification is the convenience afforded to your organization and your employees. There’s no need to take time to travel to another facility for training and therefore minimal downtime is required to ensure that your employees or group members receive the best training possible.

On-site classes can typically take anywhere from two and half hours to twelve hours depending on the type of training required and the limitations of the class schedule.
SureFire CPR will work with you to find the best schedule possible to suit your needs. Upon successful completion of class requirements, students will receive a certification card.

All of SureFire CPR’s certifications (CPR, First Aid, ACLS, PALS, PEARS, NRP) are valid for 2 years, at which point SureFire CPR will make sure to remind you of your certification date and work with you to schedule a renewal course. You never have to worry about your certification lapsing.

Where Can SureFire CPR On-Site Classes Be Held?

On-site CPR and emergency response classes can be taught almost anywhere, in nearly any work environment, office or medical facility throughout Southern California. SureFire CPR provides on-site classes throughout Southern California, including Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and more.

A team of SureFire CPR trainers will travel to your location and provide all of the necessary equipment and materials for the students to receive an immersive, engaging classroom experience. SureFire CPR uses innovative training techniques as well as the most realistic training equipment on the market, including CPR manikins for each student to receive hands-on practice in a comfortable, supportive learning environment.

Classes can be held in the comfort and privacy of your office or home, or if space is limited, SureFire CPR offers classes at their state-of-the-art facilities located in Orange County and Riverside County for organizations and individuals who prefer to train off-site.

onsite cpr classes from surefire cpr
SureFire CPR provides on-site classes throughout Southern California, including Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and more.

How Will On-Site CPR and Emergency Response Classes Benefit My Organization?

As a business owner or manager, it’s up to you to keep your employees safe during work hours. While no one can predict when a medical emergency might occur, we can prepare for the unexpected with proper training. Our comprehensive CPR training teaches your team what to do in the event of an emergency––and ultimately, it just might save a team member, visitor, or customer’s life.

To have a truly safe workplace, you need more than a CPR flyer in the office kitchen. CPR and first aid training for employees is a great way to set your business apart and prove to employees that you take safety seriously. It’s also a great way to show prospective employees that your company invests in its employees, too. Raise the bar and become an industry leader in workplace safety with SureFire CPR’s group first aid training.

By offering on-site training with SureFire CPR, employers and other organizations can ensure that all of their personnel receive the highest caliber training available and that they are empowered with the confidence to act in an emergency. On-site classes enable organizations to confirm that all of their employees are trained and certified with the most up-to-date life-saving techniques to meet safety regulations and to help businesses save money with discounts on insurance. Your organization can also be able to save time and money by avoiding downtime and travel expenses for off-site training.

In addition to ensuring that your entire team is on the same page with the most current life-saving techniques and certifications, on-site classes also offer your organization a range of other benefits. Upon completion of training with SureFire CPR, students feel confident that they are working in a safe work environment. Classes also offer numerous team-building opportunities and allow employees to interact in a supportive learning environment beyond their typical work-related tasks and relationships. Overall, the morale of your team will be boosted as a result of on-site classes. In certain cases, on-site training and certification can also help your organization meet workplace safety and insurance requirements, and reduce the potential for workplace liabilities.

Another advantage of on-site CPR training is that it is a useful skill for employees in their personal lives as well. Not only can training make the workplace a safer place, but it can also help the team keep their family and friends safe when they are not at work. CPR training is a life skill that can directly impact your employees’ lives and provide them with tools to make the right decisions at a time of need. AHA statistics state that “70% of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to administer CPR or their training has significantly lapsed.” Considering that 88% of cardiac arrests occur at home – it quickly becomes apparent how valuable this training can be for each of your employees and their families.

Register for Onsite Group CPR Training with SureFire CPR

Ready to sign up for onsite group CPR training? Contact us today. One of our team members will be happy to provide personalized consultation to make sure you get the right class for your needs. Plus, our streamlined scheduling system makes it easy, so you can cross it off your to-do list even sooner.

You can also use our form to get a custom group training quote. Just fill out a few brief questions about your group and training goals. Then you’ll receive an instant quote.

It’s our goal to get as many people CPR certified as possible. Let’s make it happen, starting with your organization or group. If you have any questions about CPR training for offices, contact us at (888) 277-3143 or send us an email.

FAQs About On-Site CPR Training

On site first aid and CPR training is a great way to get your employees certified. Let the SureFire CPR team come to your office for a group training session, that way everyone can get certified at once.

It’s easy to sign up for on-site group CPR training with SureFire CPR. Simply register here for an instant quote. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Make sure you have a space set up for training that’s roomy enough for everyone to sit with a training manikin in front of them. The room should also have access to power so that we can present training videos.

CPR training for businesses offers countless benefits, from upgrading workplace safety to building teamwork. Getting trained onsite simplifies the scheduling process and makes training convenient for everyone.

SureFire CPR offers comprehensive, engaging training taught by experts with experience in the medical and first response field. We make the training process simple and rewarding from sign-up to certification.


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