A Handful of Heroic CPR Stories

A Handful of Heroic CPR Stories

Every day in the United States and around the world, there are many victims of cardiac arrest, shock and other emergencies that require CPR. Unfortunately, not every instance is lucky enough to have somebody nearby with CPR training.

But amazing CPR situations happen on a daily basis. Here are 5 recent stories that show how preparation, calmness under fire and a willingness to help results in saved lives.

  • In South Brunswick, NJ, a 61-year old man was saved by his wife and police officers. Robert Woods had trouble breathing, so his wife called 911. She immediately started chest compressions. Shortly after, police officers arrived with a first aid bag, oxygen and a portable defibrillator. Thanks to the quick & decisive action, Woods continues to recover at home.
  • A Missouri teen used quick-thinking CPR skills to save a baby at a Walmart store. Abby Snodgrass heard a situation developing aisles away and rushed to help. She found an 11-month old baby that had stopped breathing. Snodgrass, who had recently taken a CPR course at her high school health class, fearlessly performed CPR, despite doubts about the effort. “The one thought that crossed my mind was, ‘What if this doesn’t work?’ And I just had to push it out of my mind and keep going because I knew that’s what I had to do,” Snodgrass said. The baby is now home, happier & healthier than ever.
  • An alert Oregonian helped save the life of a woman involved in a car crash on I-84. Ray Hasbell, who is certified in CPR, saw a crashed car in the westbound lane of I-84. He called 911, then pulled next to the wreck. One woman had collapsed after a fiery explosion. Two other bystanders carried the woman off the road and asked Hasbell if he knew CPR. The woman is now doing fine. Hasbell’s takeaway from his life-saving exploits? “You never think you’ll use CPR,” he said. “But in the heat of the moment it comes in handy.”
  • Yes, even man’s best friends can be saved by CPR. A recent trailer fire in Pueblo nearly took the life of two dogs, but emergency responders were able to save the day. After a tense SWAT standoff, police used a flash-bang device to disable the suspect. Once authorities went inside, they found three dogs inside – and none were breathing. Pueblo Fire members performed CPR and oxygen administration. Two dogs survived.
  • A Rochester, NY-area teenager was recently saved in school with CPR. A Greece Central student collapsed in gym class but received CPR and is now doing OK. School officials credit recent policy changes. All New York high schools are now required to have CPR training in case of emergencies. Greece Central School District has implemented the Heart Safe School Accreditation, which aims to train 6,000 students in hands-only CPR. Here’s a case of “legislated heroism.”

Stories like these only happen if people are properly trained in CPR. If you’d like to receive training from SureFire CPR, just call (888) 277-3143 to speak with our CPR specialists. You can also visit our contact page.


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