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Safety in Numbers

Think disco and almost always the same song that hit Billboard’s number one song in February 1978 pops into mind. Its title

Sleep’s Affect on Heart Disease – BLS Basics

A marriage exists between two necessary parts of living – the need for a solid night’s sleep and cardiac health. Yet it is often a love-hate relationship between sleep and our heart. Indeed, to be lacking in either can lead to a rapid decline in overall wellness. How is this possible?

Heart Healthy Habits

Be kind to yourself this Valentine’s Day – adopt heart healthy habits and move into a much healthier lifestyle.

Communities Seeing a Rise in In-School CPR Training Programs

When we talk about onsite CPR certification, we tend to think about how this technique can be useful in the workplace. After all, offices, factories, and retail outlets all over the country have trained professionals come on site and teach CPR basics. How do they do it? Check out our new SureFire CPR blog post!


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