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CPR Classes - Heimlich Maneuver

After receiving her CPR Certification with SureFire CPR, Candy Lopez saved her husband’s life!

It was a typical Monday evening at Candy’s house in Anaheim. Candy, her husband, and kids sat down for a dinner of hot dogs. Her son went to the garage to get a soda and the next thing Candy knew, he was screaming for her to come quickly to help.

When Candy ran into the garage, she was alarmed to see her husband – red-faced and coughing as her son was hitting him on the back. Her son looked over with a panicked look and said “He’s choking!”  Remembering the training from her CPR course, she immediately told him not to hit him in the back and she looked at her husband and encouraged him to keep coughing.

Candy’s husband looked at her, his face scarlet and said, “I can’t breathe!” Candy replied, “If you can cough and talk, you can breathe.”

Very shortly afterward he stopped coughing at which point Candy tapped him on his arm and asked, “Are you ok?” to which he shook his head and looked at her like she was crazy. Then she asked, ” Do you need help?” Candy’s husband shot her another “are you crazy” look and nodded furiously.

Candy asked, “Can I help you?” and he kept nodding.  At this point she was standing behind him, holding her thumb up, and wrapping one hand over the other.  She proceeded to give her husband the Heimlich. The hot dog flew out and her husband started breathing and coughing one again.

Candy says the sense of calm she felt while those last few minutes had occurred was gone and in its place was pure adrenaline. Not only had she just taken her CPR and First Aid class only a week before, but she had just used what she had learned on one of her family members.

Candy says, “My son graduated high school a couple of days afterwards, and both my husband and I were there – thanks to my CPR class! Thank you, SureFire CPR!”

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I spent 15 years as a firefighter and paramedic...

And too often I would arrive on the scene of someone unconscious, surrounded by a circle of people feeling helpless. Sometimes those people would even have CPR training but lacked the confidence and experience to act.

That’s why I started SureFire CPR. Our classes are practical and engaging – teaching you the crucial skills you need to know what to do and feel empowered to take action.

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