What Will You Learn in Your ECG and Pharmacology Class?

ecg and pharmacology class

An electrocardiogram (ECG) and pharmacology class empowers students to recognize ECG heart rhythms and drug terms and treatment used for different emergencies. It also serves as a pre-course for students who want to become advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certified but lack experience regarding ECG recognition skills and/or drug treatment knowledge.

Enrolling in an ECG and pharmacology class offers exceptional value for students of all ages and skill levels. In fact, it enables students to learn many new skills that may help them both now and in the future, including:

Heart anatomy and basic electrophysiology

Understanding how the heart works as well as electrophysiology, i.e. the science and physics related to diagnosing and treating electrical activities of the heart, is essential. And with the heart anatomy and basic electrophysiology portion of an ECG and pharmacology class, you’ll be able to better understand how the heart functions, along with how to diagnose and manage basic heart problems as well.

Normal ECG measurements 

“Normal” ECG measurements are not absolute, but it is necessary to understand how to evaluate a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim’s heart rate, sinus rhythm and other factors that may impact a victim’s health. Having the ability to collect these measurements in an emergency ensures you will be better equipped to deliver proper treatment quickly and efficiently.

Basic arrhythmias

An arrhythmia, aka an irregular heartbeat, can be extremely problematic. But those who have the ability to understand and treat an arrhythmia can provide instant support in a life-threatening situation.

ACLS drugs and usage

What ACLS drugs are available, and how should you administer them? With ACLS drugs and usage education, you’ll learn about “primary” drugs (medications that are used directly in an ACLS algorithm) and how to used them in post-resuscitation efforts.  

Drugs, doses and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies 

How should drugs and doses be administered to an SCA victim? Understanding drug and dose delivery techniques is paramount, and pharmacology training ensures you’ll know how to administer medications when intravenous or interosseous access is unavailable.

Integrating basic drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms.

Basic ECG interpretation and resuscitation pharmacology empowers you to recognize and treat SCA emergencies at a moment’s notice. And in order to participate in cardiac evaluation and/or resuscitation, you’ll need to fully understand how to integrate basic drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms consistently.

In addition, during an ACLS course, you will need to identify the different ECG heart rhythms and determine the algorithms that correspond with them. Taking an ECG and pharmacology course, meanwhile, will significantly help students during an ACLS certification class as well.

An ECG and pharmacology course is ideal for any healthcare professional who needs to improve or refresh his or her knowledge of ECG recognition or who needs to understand the drugs used in a peri-arrest or cardiac arrest.

At SureFire CPR, it is easy for students to understand the ins and outs of ECG and pharmacology. SureFire CPR’s ECG and pharmacology course takes approximately six hours to complete, and ultimately, enables students to enhance their knowledge of ECG recognition and drug treatment.

Take advantage of SureFire CPR’s ECG and pharmacology course – you’ll be happy you did. To learn more about this class, please visit our website or contact us today at (888) 277-3143.

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