ECG and Pharmacology FAQ

ECG and Pharmacology refers to the recognition of ECG heart rhythms and drug terms and treatment used for different emergencies. The ECG and Pharmacology course is also a pre-course for students needing to take the ACLS, but who lack experience regarding ECG recognition skills and/or drug treatment knowledge.

A: There is a known gap in ECG recognition skills and drug treatment knowledge for healthcare providers. Without strong competency in ECG heart rhythm recognition and drug treatment, you will have a harder time performing the necessary requirements for the ACLS course. The ECG and Pharmacology course was designed to fill these knowledge gaps and help students prepare to take the ACLS course.

A: In the ECG portion, students will learn: heart anatomy and basic electrophysiology; normal ECG measurements, and how to recognize and understand basic arrhythmias.

The Pharmacology portion includes: basic knowledge of ACLS drugs and usage; the understanding of drugs, doses, and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies; learning how to integrate basic drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms.

A: Any healthcare provider who needs to improve or refresh their knowledge of ECG recognition or who needs to understand the drugs used in a peri-arrest or cardiac arrest.

A: The course is designed for healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, paramedics and others who require the specialized knowledge taught in the ECG and Pharmacology course. However, anyone can take the class if they wish to learn the material.

A: The course length is approximately 6 hours.

A: While the ECG and Pharmacology course is not a certifying course, it does award students a completion certificate. The course is designed solely to enhance the student’s knowledge of ECG recognition and drug treatment. The completion certificate can also come with 6 units of continuing education for EMS and RN students.

A: Students typically move on to taking their ACLS certification course since the primary duty of the course is to prepare students for the ACLS course. If students already have their ACLS certification, the ECG and Pharmacology course is a great way to refresh their knowledge of ECG recognition and drug treatment.

A: During the ACLS course, you will need to identify the different ECG heart rhythms and determine the algorithms that correspond with them. Taking this course specialized in the knowledge of ECG recognition and drug treatment for ACLS algorithms will significantly help students during their ACLS certification class.



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