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A strong core is essential to correctly perform strength training exercises, as well as your ability to handle the demands of being an EMT without injury. In short, without a strong core, even the strongest arms and legs won’t be very effective in performing daily tasks as an EMT. Here are a few drills to incorporate into your workout, but if you’re not eating right these exercises are only half the battle!



The plank works your entire core and upper- and lower-body muscles. Lie down on your stomach. Lift your body off the floor with your forearms (elbows at 90°degrees) and your toes. Keep your body in a straight position (without arching your back) and hold for 30 seconds to one minute. Lift one foot in the air for added difficulty.


Twisted Crunch

Man on Abdominals workout posture

This is one of the most effective crunch workouts, as it hits all of your stomach muscle fibers at once. Assume a standard crunch position, raise your torso to a 45°angle, and then twist from side to side. For an advanced movement, extend your legs and pretend to peddle a bicycle while you continue to twist.



Lie on ground and start in hollow body position. With legs straight and together, bring them up and towards your torso; while raising your legs, reach for the toes with your hands. Finish in a pike position with your hands and feet meeting at hip level, then return to hollow body position.


These three exercises are great to add to your regular routine of push-ups, pull-ups because while they provide a break from your normal regimen—they also help you perform better in other areas of your workout as well.


The key to continual and lasting results are a healthy diet and a creative approach to working out, adding and changing the way you lift will allow you to avoid plateauing. If you’re looking for more workouts directly tailored the demands of being an EMT, sites like Breaking Muscle and Fire Recruit are great sources for fresh takes on your workout!

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