Flexibility in Learning: How RQI Fits Into Your Busy Healthcare Schedule

Unlock the flexibility of learning in healthcare with RQI.

Healthcare professionals keep extremely busy schedules, in which they also have to find time to fit ongoing training requirements. In a field where patients depend on the availability of their doctors, nurses, and paramedics to provide the care they need, it is difficult for these professionals to find the time to complete certification courses and maintain their necessary credentials.

Fortunately, there is now a way to keep CPR skills up to date that works around your schedule and improves the quality of your training. HeartCode® Complete incorporates RQI (resuscitation quality improvement) with a blended learning format for both BLS and ACLS certification. Blended learning allows you flexibility to work the content portion of the training around your schedule, while RQI raises the bar on skills checks to ensure you get the most from your training time.

The Traditional Training Challenge

Certification courses for BLS and ACLS typically take a few hours to complete and must be done in a single session in most cases. In addition to the time spent in the actual class, you may have to travel to and from the location. When you add up the entire time commitment, you may find you have to lose a full day of work just to get your training completed.

Instructor-led skills checks included with traditional certification training do not always provide the precise feedback participants need to perform high-quality CPR. High-quality resuscitation significantly impacts patient survival rate, yet one study found that even after training, healthcare professionals often failed to perform CPR at the correct depth and rate.

Enter Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI)

Poor-quality CPR is considered a preventable harm by the AHA, while high-quality CPR is the top factor in improving patient outcomes. An RQI program offers a solution to poor-quality resuscitation efforts. This collaborative effort between the American Heart Association (AHA) and Laerdal Medical is known as RQI Partners.

RQI uses simulation stations that provide skills checks with real-time feedback and assessments. Participants can make immediate adjustments to hand position, compression rate and depth, and compression-to-ventilation ratios. This evidence-based training offers the precise coaching participants need to improve their CPR quality and cardiac arrest survival rates.

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The Impact of HeartCode® Complete on Healthcare Professionals

HeartCode® Complete combines an RQI program with a flexible, blended learning framework that allows busy professionals to work their training around their own schedule. Course content is delivered online and can be completed as the participant has time. The program offers BLS, ACLS, and PALS certifications with AHA eCards once the course is completed. The eCards are valid for two years.

Participants complete the eLearning portion at their own pace. The curriculum features True Adaptive learning, which allows learners to customize lessons based on their current knowledge and skill set. The course integrates proven learning tools like demonstrations, illustrations, and interactive activities. Cognitive assessments and knowledge checks ensure you have a full understanding and retention of the material taught.

Real-Time Feedback and Skill Improvement

How does RQI training improve skills in a single session? The secret sauce is the integration of hands-on practice with real-time feedback featuring immediate guidance and corrections. RQI training teaches psychomotor skills that monitor compression rate and depth, chest recoil, hand placement, and ventilation volume. Both adult and infant manikins are included on the station.

Simulation stations do more than present healthcare professionals with realistic patient situations and manikins to practice skills. The advanced technology provides real-time assessments of skills performed. This feature allows you to make adjustments to your technique during your skills check and lets you know when your resuscitation efforts are at an optimal level.

Tips for Integrating RQI into Busy Schedules

With many potential advantages to investing in an RQI program, the next question is how to incorporate this advanced technology into your busy schedule. When you enroll in a HeartCode® Complete course, the eLearning portion of the training is flexible enough to fit within your routine. Since the training is fully customized to your current knowledge base, the time you spend in training will be focused solely on the information and skills you still need to learn.

The skills assessment is scheduled once you have completed the eLearning portion of the program. While this needs to be done in person, isolating the skills to a single session substantially reduces the amount of time you need to spend in a training center. The RQI simulation stations also make every minute of your in-person training count, by providing the coaching and feedback you need to learn high-quality CPR as quickly as possible.

Get RQI Training Through SureFire CPR

An RQI program brings essential CPR training to busy healthcare professionals using advanced technology that allows you to hone your CPR skills in real time. Now, you don’t have to worry whether your resuscitation abilities are sufficient to provide the best outcomes for your patients. RQI training gives you the confidence you need to respond to cardiac arrest events.

SureFire CPR offers RQI training as a part of our HeartCode® Complete program, with certification in BLS, ACLS, and PALS using this blended format. The eLearning portion of the training is completed around your schedule and customized to your precise needs so you can use your valuable time as efficiently as possible to get the training you need.

SureFire CPR offers courses throughout Southern California and additional training online. Contact us today to learn more or get our current class schedule.

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