Elevate Healthcare Training: RQI Classes as Your Essential Resource for Clinical Excellence and Staff Upskilling

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In-hospital cardiac arrest affects tens of thousands of patients every year. It is associated with poor patient outcomes, with only about one-quarter of cardiac arrest patients surviving the event. Many that do survive suffer from lifelong neurological disability. While these numbers tend to be higher than cardiac arrest events that occur outside a hospital setting, they still leave much room for improvement. 

Numerous studies have indicated that high-quality CPR improves cardiac arrest patient outcomes. Despite this basic fact, many healthcare workers are not prepared to deliver the highest quality resuscitation when an emergency arises. Fortunately, there is now a healthcare training solution. 

The RQI Advantage for Healthcare Professionals

Resuscitation quality improvement (RQI) classes offer state-of-the-art resuscitation training using simulation stations that provide real-time coaching and feedback to hone CPR skills. This innovative program was specifically designed to save more lives from cardiac arrest. The RQI training features real-world simulations and precise feedback on the various components of CPR, including: 

  • Hand placement
  • Compression depth and rate
  • Compression interruptions
  • Chest recoil
  • Ventilation volume
  • Compression-to-ventilation ratio

Feedback is delivered via audio and video channels and is provided as participants are practicing their skills on adult and infant manikins. Advanced technology monitors the participant’s psychomotor skills, reporting metrics on the different skills as they are practiced. Participants can make immediate adjustments to their technique until they are delivering the highest quality resuscitation efforts.  

RQI Training for Higher Quality CPR Skills

Does this simulation technology and advanced training tools really make a difference in patient outcomes? Studies are showing that RQI-trained paramedics and other healthcare professionals tend to deliver chest compressions within the AHA-recommended rate more often than those trained through an instructor-led skills check. 

High-quality CPR has been shown again and again to increase survival outcomes. Achieving high-quality CPR requires providers to participate in training that provides the feedback and debriefing they need to improve their skills. One study found that after just one RQI training session, overall compression scores of participating nursing students increased by 81%. Overall ventilation scores using a bag-mask device also increased – by 273%.

The Impact of RQI Classes on Healthcare Facilities

RQI classes offer a healthcare training solution that can benefit your entire staff. By raising resuscitation quality across departments, your teams can be confident they are prepared to handle any emergency. The staff upskilling that results from RQI classes will improve your standard of patient care and increase cardiac arrest survival rates at your facility. 

RQI training may be incorporated into BLS, ACLS, and PALS certification courses. This allows your staff to get the necessary certification while benefiting from the higher quality skills training RQI offers.

Outsourcing RQI Training: A Cost-Effective Solution

You know high-quality training will provide the highest level of care to your patients, but how do you work more training into a workflow and budget that are already at capacity?

One cost-effective solution may be to outsource your RQI classes to external training providers that offer flexibility and convenience with their class scheduling. This approach offers you the ability to train full teams at one time without sacrificing training quality. Coursework may be delivered online or in person, depending on the preference of your staff. RQI skills checks can be scheduled in about 30 minutes once coursework is completed. You can combine RQI with certification coursework to get the most from your time and money.

Our Tailored RQI Training Programs

SureFire CPR offers RQI training as an option for all our healthcare classes that include CPR. Healthcare professionals can reap the benefit of the simulation stations and high-quality training while completing coursework for any certification requirements. This option allows you and your teams the flexibility necessary to keep up with continuing education without a major disruption to your workflow.

HeartCode® Complete BLS and ACLS Certification

HeartCode® Complete is a comprehensive program from the American Heart Association (AHA) that makes it easier for healthcare professionals to work their certification training around their busy schedules. HeartCode® Complete offers BLS, ACLS certification, and PALS training in a blended learning framework that includes an RQI skills check. 

Course work is completed online at the participant’s own pace. The curriculum is customized to the participant based on current knowledge and skills. The eLearning program incorporates a variety of learning techniques, including dramatizations, illustrations, and interactive activities so it can adapt to any learning style. Knowledge checks and cognitive assessment activities keep the course material relevant to the specific participant and ensures an understanding of what is taught.

Instructor-Led BLS, ACLS, and PALS Certification

For healthcare workers who prefer training with a live instructor, we also offer instructor-led BLS, ACLS, and PALS certification courses as well. Our instructors understand that continuing education programs are a regular requirement for healthcare workers, and we believe learning life-saving skills should be fast, effective, and easy. Instructor-Led and RQI classes fit well with our learning model, as they are both efficient and effective.

Our courses are both engaging and memorable. We design them that way so you can enjoy your training experience and retain the information long after. RQI training offers an additional option for healthcare workers so they can tailor their training to their specific needs, preferences, and goals.

Schedule Your RQI Classes Today

If you have members of your team that are ready for certification renewal, allow SureFire CPR to help them refresh their knowledge and skills. We offer courses online and in-person, as well as the revolutionary HeartCode® Complete training program – all with the RQI option. Contact us today or check out our online schedule to find the right courses for your team.

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