What is NRP Certification?

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What is NRP Certification?

What is NRP Certification?
What is NRP Certification?

NRP – what is NRP certification? The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP certification) was originally founded in 1987 by the American Heart Association (AHA) in order to train nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff members to learn an evident-based approach in resuscitating infants at the time of delivery and immediately afterwards.

This program specializes in training hospital staff members to evaluate and enhance critical care leadership skills, communication amongst teams, and to reinforce current methodology into applicable practice.

What Does NRP Certification Entail?

The NRP program is designed for anyone who regularly comes to contact with newborns. Although it typically is taken by doctors, or nurses who work in neonatal care, EMT’S and Lactation Consultants, Respiratory Therapists, CNA’s, and med-school students all can enroll in this class to gain a deeper understanding on how to administer neonatal care.

This program is divided into two parts: the study, and the practicum. The first part is a nine part interactive online test system to be taken. The second part is a hands-on instructional program that can be taken alone, or in a group.

If you are a healthcare administrator looking to bond your team or be certified that they can work together, it’s a great a idea to enroll numerous people in the same class as it helps them build those leadership skills that will come into practice in critical situations.

As of 2012 the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that globally one quarter of all neonatal deaths are from birth asphyxia. Worldwide health officials believe this to be a condition and death that could be resolved through preventative and on-site critical care. In order to help each individual become comfortable with evaluating how to resuscitate a newborn and sustain their breathing, the cause will run through a variety of textbook and hands-on scenarios to explain the levels of care needed for severity.

As opposed to a yes or no evaluative method, this program will teach you to judge cases based on levels of success (ranging: no success-low-mild-moderate-high success).

How Does the NRP Course Work?

After answering the question, “What is NRP certification?” the next topic of conversation is how does the course work. Designing the course this way will allow team members to evaluate their opinions alongside others. This will help encourage conversation among staff members so that the more experienced ones can help advise based on case-study scenarios to support their claims. Questions in this course are encouraged, especially ones like:

  • Does significant drying of the mouth help clear passageways enough to breathe?
  • Is suctioning of the mouth needed with PPV treatments as well, or does that counteract the positive effects?

Both of these questions come from a place of uncertainty with how to administer care and also show the struggle to learn how to evaluate multiple measures of care at the same time.

Through this analytical study/process, hospital staff members and health officials will be able to communicate more about the process of care and how to make these tough calls. It never is an easy call to make on-site during a new-birth as the amount of time it takes to make a decision can often delay oxygen to the brain.

Due to this high-stress responsibility this course will also provide hands-on practice simulations for those who feel uncomfortable with hands on experiences but need to develop those practical skills too. Allow yourself and those you work with to feel confident that they can act on call in a tough, high-paced scenario with the skills they learned.

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