The Secret to A Healthy Lifestyle (Part 1)

Ever wonder why European countries – countries that contain fried foods, large amounts of pastries, pastas and beer – have lower obesity rates and fewer heart attacks?

Studies have been conducted for years looking into the European diet-health phenomena, comparing obesity and the diseases that follow.  Americans still win!  We are still one of the fattest countries of the world, even without a daily diet of wienerschnitzel, pasta al dente and beer (and that’s excluding European bread, cheeses and chocolate).  Granted, portion and genetics has been proved a major contributor to the European’s overall health but there is one other factor – an important component that seems to be fading from the average American’s lifestyle.


Seldom will you find a personal vehicle in every garage of any European community – in fact, seldom will you find a garage.  The people of Europe ride very efficient transportation systems and walk everywhere else.  Walking is part of the necessities of life in most European communities.  However that does not seem to be the case in the US as it once was.  Physical self-transportation seems to be something of a by-gone era in the United States and we are suffering as a result.

Obesity rates have climbed as a result with associated illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer also sky-rocketing.  We have become a fat nation who drives to the grocery store less than a block away, fights for the closest parking space in the lot, spends hours at work on the computer and relaxes afterward in front of the TV.  We have become sedentary and the scales are showing it.

Fortunately, with little effort for most of us, there is a remedy.  It’s called walking.  So much can be accomplished with just a few pre-planned adjustments made to our regular day and it’s not painful.  In fact, it’s actually very pleasant and has many benefits on the side.  Part 2 of this series will provide simple steps taken to help improve your overall health and make tremendous changes in weight, energy and mental outlook.

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