New Years 911

Celebrating the end of one year and beginning of the next is never a party for first responders of the 9-1-1 call and healthcare workers in an emergency department.


Not much explanation is required as to why paramedics and ER staff are “beefed up” and ready for NewYear’s Eve. The imminent increase of alcohol related injuries and deaths increase to nearly double on this date in some California hospitals. 9-1-1 calls pepper emergency dispatch between early evening and the wee-hours of the morning on January 1st keeping paramedics actively responding in the field almost all night.


With the advent of New Year’s Eve falling on a Saturday this year, many paramedics and emergency departments are anticipating an even higher volume than usual. Aside from the usual intoxicated partier who went a little too far in his “spirited” consumption, drunk-related injuries and alcohol illnesses fill ambulances and ultimately the beds of ready ER’s.


“Abdominal pains, for sure! Head lacs (lacerations) from overzealous celebrators and assaults,” states Susan Hines Beeson, an RN in the emergency department at Tri City Medical Center in Oceanside, California).


Injuries most frequently seen are from drunk driving, falls while drunk and the most common for youth – alcohol overdoses. Underage drinkers are frequently victims of the overdose due to lack of responsibility or misjudgment of limits. Illness associated with alcohol toxicity is down-right nasty and this happens prior to the imminent hang-over. Often times, the victim is found unresponsive with shallow respirations, incontinent and possibly vomiting. Those imbibers who drink to this level face dangers associated with possibly choking on their own vomit. Bystander response is necessary and those prepared through CPR courses in Orange County, California could just save a life. Responding then making the call to 9-1-1 for emergency medical support is always the right decision.


They’ll be ready…after all, it’s New Year’s Eve!


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