Stress-Free Renewal: Tips for a Seamless American Heart Association BLS Renewal Online

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Your basic life support skills are critical when a patient’s life is on the line. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification ensures you are prepared to provide the highest level of patient care when an emergency arises.

BLS certification must be renewed every two years, which can be challenging for healthcare professionals with little extra time in their daily schedules. After all, you chose your profession to care for patients, not sit in a classroom. Fortunately, there are options in American Heart Association BLS renewal online that make it less stressful for you to keep your certification up to date.

American Heart Association BLS Renewal Online: What You Need to Know

The American Heart Association (AHA) offers the gold standard in BLS renewal, ensuring your training provides the greatest benefit to you and your patients. Still, finding the time for any training can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, American Heart Association BLS renewal online provides the adaptability and convenience you need to successfully complete your necessary coursework. 

Online training allows you to complete your course from your own home or office. The course is self-paced, so you can work it around your current schedule. Online courses provide the same high-quality materials and instruction as the traditional classroom in a more flexible format. This stress-free approach to online renewal has enabled thousands of healthcare professionals to keep their credentials up to date.

The Stress-Free AHA BLS Renewal Online Process

Is it time for you to renew your BLS certification? Follow these steps to stress-free AHA BLS renewal:

1. Determine when your current certification expires.  

In order to choose a renewal course instead of taking the initial training again, you must complete your class within 30 days after your certification expiration date. If you don’t have your current certification card, you can also find your certification status using the AHA’s online tool.

2. Select the renewal course that works best for you.

Find the course that works best with your schedule. Hybrid  AHA BLS online recertification courses feature online coursework and final exam, followed by a brief in-person practice session under the guidance of a qualified instructor. This format may offer more flexibility with less stress for busy healthcare professionals. 

3. Consider adding RQI to your renewal curriculum.

RQI (resuscitation quality improvement) is a revolutionary way to take your BLS skills to the next level. RQI uses simulation technology to provide real-time feedback so you can make immediate adjustments during your skills check. Some BLS renewal courses incorporate RQI training into their practice sessions. 

4. Complete the online coursework.

An AHA BLS renewal online course consists of instructional modules on the following:

  • CPR for adults, children and infants
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) use
  • Care for choking victims 
  • 2-rescuer CPR techniques 
  • Cardiopulmonary emergencies and special situations

Modules may be completed at the time and location you choose, allowing you to finish your training on your own timeframe. 

5. Schedule your brief, in-person skills check.

Once you have completed the coursework and passed the examination, you may schedule a brief skills check with a qualified instructor. Your instructor is also available to answer questions and clarify information. If you choose a facility with RQI, you will benefit from real-time feedback through the simulation stations.

Receive your new AHA BLS certification card.

Once your training has ended, you will receive your new certification card from the AHA. The time frame varies based on the training facility you choose, although cards are typically available within a few days.

Preparing for Your American Heart Association BLS Renewal Online

Preparation goes a long way in reducing stress associated with basic life support online renewal. First, make sure you give yourself time to complete your course before the 30-day grace period of your expiration date. This ensures you can take the shorter renewal course rather than the full BLS certification training. 

Next, choose the course that works best for your needs and schedule. If in-person classes are too daunting due to the time commitment, there are many options in online and hybrid courses that you can work into your schedule. 

Take some time before your course begins to review basic BLS information, using an online cheat sheet or infographic. A quick refresher will make it easier to understand and retain the information during your coursework. As you review, make a list of questions to ask your instructor. 

You can also take a practice exam to discover the topics that will be covered and the types of questions you might encounter. Many practice tests are available for free online. 

Finally, create a study schedule for your renewal training. Work your sessions around your current routine to make it easier to complete your coursework without a major disruption to your daily life. Planning your study time will make it more likely you can see it through to completion. 

Empowering You for a Stress-Free BLS Renewal Journey

At SureFire CPR, we aim to make AHA BLS online recertification as stress-free as possible. Our courses are taught by instructors who are passionate about making the learning experience interesting and fun. Our online with skills check option is available at multiple locations with 24 hour access so you never have to worry about your certification expiring again. We also offer traditional, instructor-led practice time, so you can tailor your training to your precise needs and goals. 

Don’t put off BLS renewal any longer. Sign up for one of our classes today and keep your credentials and your skills up to date. 


Most people can expect to finish AHA BLS renewal online within the 1-2 hour timeframe. You can structure your online coursework around your current schedule rather than completing all the training in a single session. This can make recertification more convenient and less stressful for busy healthcare professionals.

Online BLS renewal provides the same high-quality materials and instruction as traditional classes, but in a format that can work around your busy routine.

Skills assessments must be done in person but typically take 30 minutes or less. We offer multiple locations throughout Southern California for your convenience.

No. Most professionals find that reviewing the information prior to training reduces study time overall. Since you can integrate sessions into your current schedule, recertification should not be a major disruption in your daily life.

To ensure you can take the shorter renewal course, you must complete your training before the 30-day grace period after your expiration date ends. This ensures you keep your credentials current in a fraction of the time it takes to complete initial BLS certification.

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