PALS Training for Nursing Students

PALS Training for Nursing Students Will Help You Get Ahead

Are you a nursing student? If so, PALS training for nursing students is a must. A child going into cardiac arrest is something no parent or caregiver wants to think about, but it happens. And unfortunately when it does, it is very common for the adult to panic and lose precious time for a child in distress.  PALS training for nursing students will ensure that you will not lose your cool in the event of an pediatric emergency.


Although it may be hard to think about, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training is one of the most important precautions any nursing student can take. The course for Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training doesn’t take long and is very comprehensive. All of our PALS training for nursing students are fully accredited through the American Heart Association.  As a nursing student, PALS training will help boost your resume to be hired. With the increasing supply of nurses finishing school, the advanced training received in the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course will help you separate yourself from the competition and make you much more valuable in the ICU or ER.  In your PALS training for nursing students you will learn the basics of pediatric resuscitation as well as how to handle the myriad of respiratory emergencies that are so common with these tiny patients.


The training covers lectures while also preparing you with hands-on training. You will learn the assessment criteria and be able to identify actions to prevent cardio pulmonary arrest in both infants and children. The certificate is good for two years.


If you are going to have someone else care for your child after they are born, whether a daycare provider or a grandparent, it is imperative that everyone know exactly what needs to be done when and if they are ever presented with this very scary, life threatening situation.  PALS training for nursing students will help save more lives! Register today.


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