Sports Injuries for Children: CPR and First Aid Training for Parents

Sports Injuries for Children: CPR and First Aid Training for Parents

The score bantered back and forth until about midway through the third quarter when the players began to fatigue. Slowly, the gap formed, and our team fell behind by 10 points. I knew the game was essentially over, and my interest shifted to the players, the staggering difference in their heights and sizes (even though […]

Revised CPR Technique Hopes to Boost the Frequency of Bystander CPR

Every five years, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and American Heart Association revisit research and data and in turn, issue changes to the CPR administration. In October 2010, a significant change was made: a shift away from the ABC technique (airway, breathing, and circulation) and towards a CAB approach (chest compressions, airway, and breathing.)

What To Do If Someone Is Choking

Would you know what to do if someone you were sharing a Valentine’s Day meal with began to choke? There may only be minutes for you to respond and potentially save a life!

Communities Seeing a Rise in In-School CPR Training Programs

When we talk about onsite CPR certification, we tend to think about how this technique can be useful in the workplace. After all, offices, factories, and retail outlets all over the country have trained professionals come on site and teach CPR basics. How do they do it? Check out our new SureFire CPR blog post!

When Duty Calls

Those that able to remain poised in emergency situations are able to do so because of knowledge and training. And nothing is more of an emergency than when saving a life is on the line. What makes CPR instructors with real life training so valuable? Read on in this week’s blog post!

Tracing the Three Phases on CPR Evolution and Training

The evolution of CPR as a practical life-saving technique can be very broadly broken up into three stages – each development bringing with it greater accessibility to the general public. Read our blog post to find out more!

Hot Weather and Heart Attacks

Now that it is officially summer, elderly folks and those at risk for heart attacks need to be even more vigilant about their health and the situations they find themselves in as the temperatures rise. How are Hot Weather and Heart Attacks related? Check out this weeks post!

New Device Assists EMTs in Administering CPR

CPR has been around for decades, but that hasn’t stopped medical experts from trying to perfect it or supplement the technique with new technological advances. Want to know more about new CPR supplements? Check out the SureFire CPR Blog!

Orange County Trauma Intervention

Cardiac Arrest affects many more people than the victims. While firefighters treat the person that is having the heart attack, many times there is no time to help the families of the victim. That’s when we call for Orange County TIP.

Want to know more about this amazing organization? Check out our blog post!

Top 5 Reasons to take your CPR class at SureFire CPR

Top 5 Reasons to take your CPR class at SureFire CPR

1) All of our Instructors are professional Firefighters, Paramedics, Lifeguards, and EMTs.

2.) You will have your own manikin to work on (No spit swapping!)

3.) All of our Certifications are good for 2 years

4.) We have monthly giveaways where you can win cool prizes and cash!

5.) It won’t be boring – we promise!


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