Onsite PALS Courses at Your Work

Onsite PALS Courses Make Life Easier

If you are a family-owned clinic or some medical facility that wishes to accredit (or renew your PALS license) your employees to be PALS certified, consider enrolling them in an onsite PALS course that is hosted at your site of work.


Onsite PALS Course
Onsite PALS Courses

By coming to your place of work, not only will it make organizing the event easier, it will also help to foster a familiarity with procedures in their workplace, and foster a sense of community among staff members.


Pediatric Advance Life Support focuses not just on teaching the individual systematic approaches to pediatric assessment and basic-life-support, but also on establishing and fostering proper team dynamic to handle emergency care situations. What better way to learn how to foster team dynamics than by having your team in place to learn together?


Practice 1-2 rescuer CPR and AED use procedures with staff members who will be more likely to work together in a real-world setting. Practice resuscitation team concept with all members of staff, in case they are needed on-site in an emergency situation.


Learn and be able to discuss rhythm disturbances and electrical therapy use in infants and children. Show, and test each member’s ability to obtain vascular access. Discuss and test their current knowledge about how to manage respiratory emergencies in the facility while other happenings occur.


As with any onsite PALS course, there will be testing stations and also a handbook written test. A score of an 84% or higher is required to pass the test and obtain certification. Individuals must also pass 2 core case scenarios as a team leader (1 cardiac, 1 respiratory), pass 1-2 rescuer child CPR BLS, and 1-2 rescuer BLS with infants. If individuals pass all these requirements, then their certification is obtained and valid for up to two years.


Whether you choose a full PALS course or an updated PALS course (also known as a renewal), we will work with you to train your team to have the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. As opposed to having each member be certified on their own, ask them to do it together. This experience will not only help bond members of your staff, it will also give them the chance to tackle these problems together, in lieu of an actual emergency.


Hosting an onsite PALS course at your place of work will give you as the employer the chance to witness team dynamics, and propose ways to improve them on-site, during activities where there is little risk, and everything to learn.


Observe your team in action, and find ways in which you can help your team-members cooperate, learn, and communicate with each other during team-oriented tasks. Watch how well each member of your team listens and trust the medical advice of the other, and work to establish within them a sense of urgency, care, and respect.


The PALS class is taught with an instructor, and step by step video instruction based to equip your team with the essential steps, experience, and logic to succeed.  SureFire CPR’s team of instructors specializes in onsite PALS courses. Call us today to schedule your training.

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