Basic First Aid and Survival Skills

This generation of television viewers is notorious for its obsession with “reality shows”.  TV programs feature series that pair strangers possessing survivalist skills and interests in a month-long challenge of endurance in the wilderness.  Occasionally, these “victims” are sent (literally) naked into remote locations around the world – places such as Tanzania, Borneo, Costa Rica, Panama and the Maldives.  If lucky, these contestants are given their choice of one survival tool each (a knife or water purification tablets for instance) then left on their own to survive in remote, hostile locations. Basic first aid and survival skills can mean the difference between life and death.



These series document people’s struggle to survive some of the most incredible challenges.  As each day unravels, dealing with extreme temperatures, hunger, thirst and an increasing awareness of their own mortality becomes more intense.  The mere fact that these individuals would put themselves in harms’ way to fulfill a personal challenge is quite a statement.  Interestingly, each episode is chronicled by a three person film crew which is not allowed to assist them in any way.  The crew documents their struggles to survive as they attempt to complete in such extreme conditions.  It soon becomes clear that these people must rely not only on their own survival instincts and skills but they must support each others’ will to push through the challenges they face.


Basic First Aid and Survival Skills
Basic First Aid and Survival Skills Can Save Your Life!

Unfortunately, this display of courage in the wilderness pales in comparison to the real life challenges faced by people all over the world.  Everyday millions of people struggle – in real time and without a film crew – to find water, food and shelter.  Our American entertainment culture has somehow found a way to “dress up” this basic struggle which allows viewers to vicariously experience the sober realities faced by millions of people around the globe every day.


These shows should be a “wake up call” for viewers.  Instead of just soaking up the show for its entertainment value – allowing living-room spectators to hunt for food from their pantry – we would do well to regularly take note of the comforts surrounding us all.  In America, and especially in Southern California, we are very fortunate to live a life of relative luxury.  Taking a moment to reflect on the gifts enjoyed almost without notice – shelter, readily available food, friends and family that support and nourish personal growth is important – indeed we are blessed.

How to Find Local Basic First Aid and Survival Skills

Finding the opportunity to hone skills that can support one another within the community is an excellent way to “pay back” the comforts bestowed upon us here in the U.S.  Readiness when emergencies present themselves shows caring for others and support of one another’s “survival” in daily life.


SureFireCPR wants help with the goal for personal preparedness when emergencies strike.  Having the skill to provide CPR to a child or Basic First Aid to an injured neighbor is priceless.  SureFire CPR offer a full range of approved health education courses.


Remember, survive today – flourish tomorrow.  Help others in times of need and you will rise with them.  Let’s do it together at SureFire CPR.


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