When the Rescuer Needs Rescued: Introducing Firefighter-Down CPR


All rescue efforts involving CPR always focus on innocent bystanders, victims of sudden cardiac arrest and other unfortunate victims. And while these efforts are noble in their own pursuits, there is one person who is usually ignored when CPR training is discussed: the first responders.


While relatively rare, there are cases where CPR is required for emergency response personnel. The good news: should the unthinkable happen, there are qualified people on hand to offer assistance. The bad news: for a certain type of first responder – the firefighter – equipment and other logistical concerns make it tough to administer CPR, even for well-trained responders.

Enter Firefighter-Down CPR. Developed exclusively to aid firefighters who suffer sudden cardiac arrest during rescue efforts, the method is designed to save time and quickly apply CPR. We all know how important those precious seconds are for CPR. For firefighters, time is sometimes lost due to clunky SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) equipment, helmets and other gear.


Firefighter-Down CPR is a 10-step process to provide immediate help to fallen firefighters. The process quickly removes the firefighter’s helmet, mask and hood. Then the SCBA is removed, which provides rescuers an even surface to provide rescue breaths and chest compressions.


With proper training and application of this 10-step rescue procedure, even fully-geared firefighters can receive the same level of responsive, life-saving care that “normal” CPR victim receive.


For more on Firefighter-Down CPR, please visit the official website for more information, including a detailed 10-part video describing each step.


Hopefully you’ll never have to give a fellow firefighter this type of CPR, but it’s comforting to know rescue professionals are thinking about the issue.


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