First Aid for Hair Salons (Part 1)

First Aid for Hair SalonsLast week I went in to visit my little sister Lexy  at her school to get my haircut.  She’s currently a “junior” at one of the most cutting-edge (booooo, bad pun) cosmetology schools in Orange County, Toni and Guy.  I decided that my mop was way too long and that I needed to go in for a trim before the guys at the fire station started to call me a hippie.

Being a fireman, I must admit that I’ve never been in a salon before and didn’t know what to expect.  After about an hour I realized why so many of my friend’s wives spend all day at the salon!  I sat down after being put in a black robe and then my sister proceeded to go over the plan of attack with one of her instructors.  I gave her full creative control over what she thought would look best and told her to just go for it.  She and the instructor could obviously tell that I had no sense of style and quickly came up with the plan for my new look.

After throwing around terms like “horseshoe” and “scissor over comb,” and discussing the shape of my face and head, (I distinctly remember them saying that they had to cut my hair a certain way or it would make my head look like an egg) I was taken back for the best shampoo / head massage of my life. I might be able to get used to this.

As she cut my hair, Lexy told me her plans about passing her State Board test, her study abroad plans in London, and the dream salon and boutique she will open in the future.  I was slowly transformed through a series of scissor techniques that I had never seen used at my local Supercuts.

I was so happy with her work, but it was the looks on her instructors’ faces that really reflected her talent. I knew that look because it is the same one that is on my face when I think of my little sister: pride.

Lexy is such a hardworking, caring, and ambitious ball of 5’1” energy.  Her happiness and enthusiasm is infectious to all of us that are lucky to be around her.  It is easy to see that she is going to be even more successful than she can imagine.

As I walked out of the salon one of the instructors asked me if I could come back and teach the group about first aid for hair salons.  “For my little sister,” I said? “Anything you need…”

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