American Heart Association Rolls out Hands-Only CPR Training App

The American Heart Association (AHA) has just rolled out a new and free mobile app that provides hands-only CPR training to viewers.


The app can be accessed on the AHA website and its aim is simple: to get as many people as possible trained in this relatively easy technique.   Better yet, the app is fun to watch; the training component is played like a game and contains funny and witty text and voiceovers.


For example, users emulate the hands-only technique using the cursor to roll over the victim’s body.  If they veer too high or too low from the proper chest location, the app lets them know.


The AMA has been particularly hopeful since the technique does not require any mouth-to-mouth breathing – typically a point of discomfort for many people.


While the AMA app is certainly good news and will go a long way to help save lives, for those looking for in-depth and comprehensive training, nothing beats onsite CPR certification.

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