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Choking and CPR

Few things are more frightening than choking on a piece of food or inhaling fluid. That terrifying moment when you cannot get a breath and reflexively begin coughing is not soon forgotten. Yet it happens all the time. Do you know what to do when a loved one chokes?

Basic First Aid for Children

There is no question society has become more active and with the many different opportunities for athletic events, water and snow activities, dance and gymnastics offered to children, it’s no wonder the risk for injury has increased somewhat with our younger population. Would you know what to do to give assistance during the first few minutes after an injury occurred until professional help arrives?

Babysitters and CPR

Does your babysitter have the skills to intervene in an emergency with your little one? Do you as a child care provider know what to do when seconds count? Find out more about babysitting, child care and CPR.

Children’s Injuries and Sports – CPR and First Aid

Children get hurt as they play and injury is part of growing up. But what can be done to minimize the potential for childhood injury? Several steps can be taken and as responsible adults, we need to know what to do to keep our kids safe at play.

Chest Pain in Children – PALS to the Rescue (part two)

Uncommon to children is the complaint of chest pain that is related to cardiac injury or illness. Typical pediatric chest pain complaints are due to minor injury, illness or even stress. But when there is a cardiac cause for a child’s chest pain, serious concerns can be raised.

Chest Pain in Children – PALS Training to the Rescue

Occasionally, children complain that their “chest hurts”. Of course, with an adult, one would automatically assume “chest pain” signifies heart problems. But is this the case with children’s complaints of chest discomfort?

Pediatric First Aid

New parents have so much they need to think about when they take their new little bundle home from the hospital. One thing they should never have to worry about is what to do if their precious infant stopped breathing. Unfortunately for many this becomes a reality. Pediatric First Aid is the topic of this week’s SureFire CPR blog post.

Infant CPR and First Aid – The Worst Case Scenario

There are few thoughts more terrifying than checking on your new baby and having her not respond. You roll her over and realize that her lips and fingertips are blue. Your heart drops and you feel a lump in your throat. What do you do?

Read about “The Worst Case Scenario” in this week’s SureFire CPR blog post…


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