Benefits of Undergoing AHA BLS Certification Classes

Benefits of Undergoing AHA BLS Certification Classes

If you’re out in the field and you encounter a patient who is experiencing cardiac arrest, do you know what to do? In these situations, it’s important that you’re able to act quickly and accurately to keep the patient alive. Getting certified in basic life support (BLS) is an important part of your training as an emergency responder or healthcare worker. You’ll learn what to do in these critical moments and how best to provide care during cardiac arrests, choking situations, and more. Plus, BLS certification is a great way to sharpen your CPR skills, elevate your resume, and network with other medical professionals.

What is AHA BLS certification?

American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) training courses cover essential life support skills. It’s a recommended certification for all medical and emergency personnel, but anyone who is interested can benefit from learning BLS. The training addresses important topics like…

  • CPR for adults, infants, and children
  • Treatment for conscious and unconscious choking victims
  • AED use and special considerations
  • How to use breathing barriers and bag valve masks
  • 2 rescuer CPR
  • What to do during cardiopulmonary emergencies and special resuscitation situations

Most courses have some combination of a lesson, skills practice, and an exam. Trainees will need to complete the training and pass the exam, and then they will receive a certification card. The AHA BLS certification is valid for 2 years from the date the class is completed. After that, it is necessary to enroll in a renewal class to maintain certification.

What are the benefits of undergoing AHA BLS certification classes?

BLS certification is essential for anyone currently in or looking to join the medical field. There are countless benefits to getting certified in AHA BLS, from learning new skills to finding an exciting new job. The following are just a few of the many reasons to register for a BLS training course:

You can learn life-saving skills

The sad truth is that dangerous cardiac emergencies and choking situations can occur anywhere, anytime. In fact, over 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital each year. No matter where the emergency occurs, these victims rely on the knowledge of people like you to provide BLS. When a patient is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, it takes quick thinking and fast action to save their life. By getting your AHA BLS certification, you’ll learn exactly what to do should you be there when danger strikes. You never know whose life you may save with your BLS knowledge.

You can get a job as a medical professional

Are you looking for a new role in the medical field? Most medical and first response jobs require AHA BLS certification. BLS certification is a key part of your resume and will help establish you as a solid candidate. If you’re looking into any of the following roles, you should receive (or renew) AHA BLS training:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • EMTs
  • Physician assistants
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • All medical and emergency personnel

You can get a BLS certification online

As a current or prospective medical professional, you likely have a busy schedule. It can be difficult to find time for training between classes, shifts, and other responsibilities. However, getting AHA BLS is easier to fit in because the bulk of the course can be completed online.

SureFire CPR’s BLS certification online course has 2 components: a series of online training modules and an in-person skills practice and exam. The online BLS training utilizes special simulation technology to teach you BLS skills from the comfort of home. It’s extremely convenient––and just as effective as in-person training.

You can network with other medical professionals

One unexpected benefit of BLS training courses is that they are a great way to network. Because BLS certification needs to be renewed every 2 years, classes tend to have a diverse group of trainees with a wide variety of experiences and roles. As a medical student hoping to make connections or a current professional seeking a new path, getting to meet other people in the industry is immensely valuable. Even if you don’t land a job opportunity, you just might have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from the experts.

You can take part in a rewarding, fun learning experience

BLS training might be mandatory, but it doesn’t have to be boring. At SureFire CPR, we combine real-world stories, hands-on lessons, and engaging activities to make the training process as interesting as it is informative. Our team of expert instructors creates a positive learning environment so that our students leave the classroom feeling confident and capable thanks to their new skills and knowledge.

Ready to take a Basic Life Support (BLS) class?

AHA BLS certification is convenient with SureFire CPR. Whether you’re taking the course for the first time and want to sign up for an in-person class, would like to renew your certification online, or are interested in a hybrid learning class, we have a course option that fits your needs. We offer AHA BLS certification courses at our locations across Southern California. Find the location closest to you below and click the link to register today:

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At SureFire CPR, we’re here to help make the BLS certification process easy. Ready to learn more about BLS certification classes or any of our training courses? Contact us today through our online contact form or by phone at (888) 277-3143.

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