When Duty Calls

Those that able to remain poised in emergency situations are able to do so because of knowledge and training. And nothing is more of an emergency than when saving a life is on the line. What makes CPR instructors with real life training so valuable? Read on in this week’s blog post!

When CPR Can, Quite Literally, Help Raise the Dead

It is very common for people to think of CPR in an abstract, almost academic sense. After all, a majority of the US population has never witnessed first-hand someone experiencing cardiac arrest, nor have most people seen CPR performed by a bystander.

CPR Training is Crucial to Any Outdoor Enthusiast

While many accidents happen inside the home there are those that happen outside. If you are an active individual who has a passion for hiking, mountain climbing, biking, canoeing, etc., being prepared for the outside means knowing what to do in a life threatening accident. How confident are you of your abilities to assess an individual? Wilderness training and remote CPR training teaches both primary and secondary assessments of yourself and your companions.

BLS CPR Updates!

The new American Heart Association BLS guidelines have been released! What are the majord changes that we are going to see once all of the new teaching materials come out? Here is a basic overview of the most important updates!

First Aid for Hair Salons (Part 2)

After being asked by Toni and Guy’s Cosmetology School in Orange County to speak to their students about first aid, I realized that there was a serious lack of information out there addressing things that can happen at hair salons. In this week’s blog post, I go into detail about emergencies that are common in hair salons!


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