SureFire CPR Scholarship Winners

The SureFire CPR Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a career in the medical field. SureFire scholarship winners are honored based on academic achievement, leadership qualities and community service. The SureFire winner receives a $1,000 award to help subsidize the costs of obtaining an education in the medical field of his or her choice.

SureFire CPR would like to thank all of the students who have applied for our scholarship. To date, we have received many amazing entries from students pursuing careers in the medical field.

SureFire CPR will announce our next scholarship winner in early 2019. We will also notify the SureFire CPR scholarship recipient via email at the time of the announcement. Stay tuned for SureFire scholarship winner updates and follow us on Facebook for news about future SureFire CPR scholarships, contests and events. Please at a moment to check out some of our winners below!

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2018 – Erielle Montoya

Erielle Montoya has always wanted to become a nurse. When her friend was killed in a drive-by shooting, the experience affirmed her commitment to nursing.

The drive-by shooting left Erielle in utter shock and disbelief. Erielle’s friend was in critical condition, and he was placed in the intensive care unit (ICU). At this time, ICU nurses were gentle with Erielle’s friend and continuously monitored his progress. Unfortunately, Erielle’s friend died on the night she and her mother visited him in the ICU. The nurses on hand empathized with Erielle, her mother and her friend’s family and the compassion that they showed made a huge impact on Erielle.

Since her friend’s death, Erielle has launched a nursing channel on YouTube. She plans to use her YouTube channel to communicate with current and prospective nursing students about her nursing journey. In doing so, Erielle hopes to bring members of the nursing community closer together. Erielle has taken an interest in public health, too. She hopes to discuss nursing topics at health fairs and conventions to educate the public, debunk health myths and help those who live in underserved areas.

2017 – Stephanie Swan

Stephanie Swan began her pursuit of a career as a certified athletic trainer (ATC) in high school. As part of a sports medicine class, Stephanie was required to watch medical personnel treat athletes during high school sports events. During her first observation session at a high school football game, Stephanie saw her friend suffer a spinal injury. Fortunately, a team doctor and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) worked together to help her friend. At this point, Stephanie knew she wanted to become an ATC – and she has not wavered from her commitment since that time.

Stephanie was accepted into the Chapman University Master’s of Science in athletic training program in 2017, and she graduated from Chapman in 2018. Currently, Stephanie serves as an ATC at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Stephanie also has three goals for her career: to serve as an ATC for a population that has never had one before, research sudden cardiac death, its causes and potential preventative measures and educate others about the need for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training.

2016 – Abigail Moreno

In 2016, Abigail Moreno became the first recipient of the Surefire CPR Scholarship. The scholarship allowed Abigail to continue her education in nursing. Abigail was part of the University of Phoenix’s Class of 2019. Abby will graduate in August of this year with her masters degree from University of Phoenix and a 4.00 GPA. She’s doing her clinical rotations now in the small town she grew up in and she is excited for nursing as it represents a new chapter in life!


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