While New Device May Outperform Human CPR, Onsite Certification Remains a Necessity

In a world full of consistently bad news, it is always nice to highlight individuals who are doing good work, like a company based out of Redmond, Washington called Physio-Control.


Physio-Control has invented an automated CPR machine that can outperform humans, and as a result, help save more lives.


The machine, dubbed LUCAS-2, can perform compressions for a longer amount of time than a human.  This is important, because while human-administered CPR, when employed properly, can save lives, it is hard work; people get fatigued and can’t keep up.


Enter LUCAS-2 , which by using a piston-like mechanism can make CPR more efficient and in turn, can free up paramedics to take on other critical life-saving measures.  Simply turn on the machine and leave it in place.


That’s the good news.  The bad news is that cash-strapped municipalities can’t afford the machine.  And, that being said, bystander CPR is nonetheless extremely successful whenever employed.  Bottom line: you don’t need a LUCAS-2 to save lives, just onsite CPR certification.

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