CPR for Students is Required in NJ; Coming to California, Too?

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With the emphasis on school safety stronger than ever, New Jersey is taking a bold approach. Starting this school year, all New Jersey high school students will be required to have CPR training.

The initiative has gained momentum throughout the last decade, and legislators finally thought the time was right to act. Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno signed a law recently, which requires all high school students (in New Jersey, defined as 9th through 12th grade) to acquire CPR training.

Governor Chris Christie has been a proponent of the legislation, but couldn’t sign the bill due to his current travel schedule. Guadagno is serving as acting governor with Gov. Chris Christie out of the state.

“This law will save lives,” Guadagno said. “These critical skills are easy to study and, as we heard today, can make all the difference in the globe to an individual in cardiac arrest. Our actions today assure that additional residents than ever will be equipped when the unthinkable occurs.”

CPR training has been a staple of health classes for a while, but taking the step to actually require students to become properly trained hasn’t enjoyed widespread support.

In 2013, Lois Capps, a Congressional representative of California’s 24th District, proposed a bill to require school students to become CPR certified. The bill hasn’t been passed yet, but given the state’s progressive brand of politics, there is still hope for Capps’s bill.

It’s not surprising that New Jersey and California are always in the news regarding school-based CPR certification. Both states generally have a more liberal stance on issues, particularly those involving children. Critics of the CPR legislation think it’s too overbearing, while some people think that lawmakers haven’t gone far enough to aggressively pursue the requirement.

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