CPR Training: How Does a Lack of CPR Skills Impact SCA Victims Across the United States?

CPR Skills

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is paramount for individuals across the United States, regardless of a person’s age. With CPR lessons, anyone can deliver life-saving assistance to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims. Ultimately, CPR training may help you save the life of a friend or family member as well.

The American Heart Association (AHA) points out 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest incidents occur at home. This means an SCA victim likely will be a loved one, and without CPR training, you may struggle to help this friend or family member stay alive.

Only about 46 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims get the help they need before advanced medical personnel arrives on the scene, according to the AHA. Also, the AHA notes nearly 90 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims die. But those who can administer CPR in the first few minutes after cardiac arrest may significantly increase an SCA victim’s chances of survival.

Is There a Lack of CPR Training Available in the United States?

 CPR training is available at locations around the United States; thus, there is no reason for individuals to ignore the benefits of CPR. However, in many instances, people do just that.

In some cases, CPR training may seem like a costly and time-consuming investment. An individual may believe CPR lessons will require hundreds or thousands of dollars to complete. Or, a person might think a schedule overhaul is needed, as CPR classes are unavailable that fit his or her daily schedule.

Fortunately, neither of the aforementioned scenarios are true, and CPR courses serve as valuable classes even for those who have limited time and resources at their disposal.

Enrolling in a CPR class can be done in minutes, and the course itself may require only a few hours to complete. Plus, the course will enable you to become CPR-certified and ensure you possess the skills and know-how needed to deliver life-saving support to SCA victims at any time.

Perhaps best of all, CPR training delivers tremendous return on investment, especially for those who plan to pursue a career in the healthcare or medical field. CPR lessons allow you to become an expert in various CPR methods and gain the confidence to perform CPR techniques in a wide range of dangerous scenarios. That way, you’ll understand how to remain calm, cool and collected in emergencies and help others do the same.

Reap the Benefits of Superior CPR Training from SureFire CPR

When it comes to CPR training, there is no reason to settle for second-best. Instead, you can enroll in CPR courses at SureFire CPR of Southern California and enjoy an exceptional learning experience.

SureFire CPR represents a premier provider of CPR classes, all of which are taught by expert instructors. In fact, our faculty includes firefighters, emergency medical technicians and other healthcare and medical personnel who are happy to share their CPR insights with you. This ensures you can receive plenty of information about CPR and build your CPR skill set quickly and efficiently.

We also offer flexible class schedules. As a result, you can participate in a CPR class that fits your daily schedule perfectly.

To find out more about our CPR course offerings, please contact us at (888) 277-3143.

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