CPR Manikins – A Dummies Guide (Part 1)


CPR Manikins
CPR Manikins – Simulaids

CPR manikins are something that is rarely thought about until you are going in to put your lips on one.  What makes the best manikin? Are manikins even that big of a part of CPR training?  Welcome to our Dummies Guide of CPR Manikins.



There are 3 important factors when sizing up CPR manikins: Durability, Cleanliness, and Price.


Durability: Nobody likes a manikin without a head or with a broken nose.  The chest needs to recoil when the student pushes down on the manikin, and the lungs must inflate properly. The durability of the manikin is a major concern when purchasing.  As with most things, the more expensive the dummy, the longer it will last, but this is not always the case.


Cleanliness: CPR manikins, above all, must be clean.  The major source of bacteria comes from students breathing into the lungs.  There are two basic manikin designs, interior and exterior lungs.  Little Anne and Baby Anne have interior lungs.  The problem with this design, is that if the lung bag breaks, then the bacteria and saliva gets inside the chest cavity which is the perfect place for bacteria to grow.  The external lungs of the Simulaids eliminate this problem and are much more sanitary than the Little Anne.


Price: Low budget, high budget, or somewhere in between? Manikins can range from below $100 each, to above $300.  How do you choose the right one?  There are many different types of manikins: CPR Prompt, Simulaids, Little Anne, and Prestan.  Make sure that you pick one that will last, but one that won’t break the bank.


In part 2 of the series, we will rate the CPR manikins on the market and tell you which dummy wins the award for “no brainer.”

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