CPR Demonstrations at the Firefighter’s Olympics

Inaugurated in 1970, the Firefighter’s Olympics represent the best kind of community-building event: one that showcases the skills of some of its hardest-working citizens, brings people together, and teaches families how they can be better prepared for life’s challenges. SureFire CPR was proud to be on hand last month for the summer 2015 event in Los Angeles to help spread the word about the variety of emergency medical care firefighters are charged with delivering every day. Many of these techniques can be mastered by the public at large, and can make a life-saving difference for our families when taken to heart.


Celebrating the Games


In a friendly spirit of competition, California’s firefighters came together to challenge each other at a variety of sports and athletic contests, demonstrating to an eager crowd just how fun it can be to live an active lifestyle. Participants enjoyed games ranging from soccer to golf to beach volleyball, with different locals competing against each other for the top medals. Strength and speed contests ranged from crossfit to mountain biking, with the state’s firefighters once again distinguishing themselves for their dedication to athleticism.


Families, friends, and other members of the community gathered to cheer on the participants, and were treated to their own bevy of activities. There was a wide assortment of games and educational opportunities for children and their families to take away as much as they could from the event.


Doing Our Part


SureFire CPR was delighted to meet and greet the community’s families and educate children and their parents about the importance of being prepared in the case of a life-threatening emergency. Our instructors gave energetic and informative demonstrations of resuscitation techniques meant to familiarize the public with howCPR is actually administered. Our booth was frequented by many friendly faces who engaged with the ongoing lesson and helped make the process more fun for everyone. Many received keychain CPR masks, which are handy little tools for first responders that are convenient to carry at all times. They provide a safe barrier through which to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, protecting the responder from any potential harm. Many families were happy to get them, and they served as important reminders of just how crucial CPR training and preparation can be.


It was a wonderful event, and SureFire CPR was proud and happy to be a part of it. See you all next year – and in the meantime, don’t forget to stay informed and stay safe!




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‘CPR Keychain Masks – Marketing Tools that Save Lives’


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