The Best Health Resources In Los Angeles

Los Angeles County is home to more than 10 million people, many of whom do not have access to or the ability to pay for medical, health and personal safety services. The resources listed in this blog provide a variety of services to meet the needs of all L.A. County citizens, regardless of their medical […]

Who Needs CPR Training?

The first to come to mind are nurses, firefighters, police officers, lifeguards, and school teachers. But the simple answer is that everyone can benefit from Onsite CPR Certification to be prepared for an emergency. Who else can use training? Check out our post!

Training In Bloodborne Pathogens

If your job demands that you come in contact with blood, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that you become trained in bloodborne pathogens. Our blog post this week is about Bloodborne Pathogen Training.

New Device Assists EMTs in Administering CPR

CPR has been around for decades, but that hasn’t stopped medical experts from trying to perfect it or supplement the technique with new technological advances. Want to know more about new CPR supplements? Check out the SureFire CPR Blog!

Pediatric First Aid

New parents have so much they need to think about when they take their new little bundle home from the hospital. One thing they should never have to worry about is what to do if their precious infant stopped breathing. Unfortunately for many this becomes a reality. Pediatric First Aid is the topic of this week’s SureFire CPR blog post.

Child or Infant CPR Training is a Must for Any Parent

As we’ve previously discussed in this space, there are different varieties of CPR based on the age of the victim. CPR performed on an adult, for example, is not the same as CPR performed on an infant.

As you can imagine, these differences are due to the relatively body weight of the individual who administers the CPR and the one receiving it. Excessive force applied to a small child, naturally, can have an adverse effect.

All of this further underscores the importance of onsite CPR training for parents.

American Red Cross CPR Classes or American Heart Association CPR Training: What’s the difference between the certifications?

CPR Certification is something that confuses most people. Which class do you need? Which certification is going to satisfy the requirements for your job?

The two largest CPR training companies are the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. These companies have been training people to save lives for years and their certifications used to be synonymous. Unfortunately, things have changed and this is not the case anymore.

Los Angeles CPR Certification

Los Angeles CPR Classes now available! Do you live in the LA area and need CPR certification? SureFire CPR now offers training in all of the Los Angeles area. We specialize in onsite CPR training and certification. Every student has their own manikin (groups up to 50) and we have multiple instructors to teach each class. All of our instructors are professional firefighters, paramedics, lifeguards, and EMTs. Need training? Call us today at 888-277-3143 or visit us at

SureFire CPR serves all of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the LA area.

CPR Manikins – A Dummies Guide (Part 2)

In last week’s post, we reviewed the 3 things that are most important to choosing a CPR manikin: Durability, Cleanliness, and Price. In this week’s post, we will give the “no brainer” award to the top CPR Dummy on the market.


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