The Broad Definition of Life Support

What is the definition of life support? How is basic life support different than advanced life support? At SureFire CPR we offer all types of life support classes at our offices in Orange County. Come take a class and learn from the best!

Brushing Up on Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

CPR skills are required by many professions. People who work in hospitals and doctor offices typically receive a CPR certification, as well as people who work with children. This type of training gives workers the skills needed to revive someone who suffers from cardiac arrest or other life-threatening emergencies. But mistakenly, many assume that one class or certificate is all they need. Sure, they may remember the training received for many years. However, some occupations require CPR renewal every two years.

Making California Safer

How can ACLS classes in Orange County make California safer? Check out our CPR blog to find out!

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

Are you looking for ACLS training? Need to recert your ACLS in Orange County? Let our professional team of firefighters, paramedics, and nurses teach you how to deal with the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest. You will receive your card the same day of the class and will walk out with the knowledge and confidence to save lives. Register now!

Illnesses to Watch Out for this Winter

What types of illnesses should you watch out for? How is the best way to prepare for them? PALS classes in Orange County and reading our blog post! Check out our SureFire CPR Blog.

Developing the Call for Help

How did the 911 system begin? What did you do in the past to call for help? Was there anyone on the other line to talk you through CPR? Check out the answer in our CPR Blog!

Hollywood ACLS

“Clear” is the catch-phrased used by actors in Hollywood just prior to randomly shocking their victim. Is this reality or just a director’s idea of what really happens in a “Code Blue”?


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