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Renew your PALS certification at SureFire CPR

Riverside, California offers a great destination for residents and visitors alike. And when it comes to pediatric advanced life support (PALS) recertification in Riverside, there is no better choice than SureFire CPR.

At SureFire CPR, we offer an exceptional office near Riverside that makes it easy for you to complete a high-quality PALS renewal class at your convenience. That way, you’ll be able to gain PALS recertification quickly and effortlessly.

What Is PALS Recertification?

PALS recertification usually serves as a requirement for nurses, physicians and other medical personnel who regularly encounter seriously ill children and infants. This renewal verifies that you understand how to provide lifesaving assistance to children and infants in critical situations.

SureFire CPR in Riverside simplifies the PALS recertification process. In fact, we’ll enable you to become recertified and receive your new certification card on the same day.

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What Does a PALS Renewal Class Include?

A PALS renewal class covers a number of topics, including:

  • Effective management of pediatric respiratory issues.
  • Pediatric assessments and how to take a systematic approach to evaluate critically ill children and infants.
  • The importance of vascular access and intraosseous training for medical personnel.
  • Common airway management concerns and questions.
  • Examination of PALS pharmacology.
  • Review of basic life support (BLS) terms and techniques and their relation to PALS.
  • Critical insights from a range of PALS case studies and simulations.
  • How to contribute to a pediatric resuscitation team as both a leader and team member.

The PALS recertification class at SureFire CPR in Riverside ensures you’ll be able to review many PALS topics. Therefore, our PALS certification renewal course can serve as an excellent refresher class for medical professionals.

Why Do I Need PALS Recertification?

After completing an initial PALS training course, students will receive a certification card that remains valid for up to two years. However, this certification must be renewed if you want to continue to provide lifesaving assistance in pediatric emergencies involving critically ill children and infants.

A PALS recertification class must be completed before a current certification card expires. If a medical professional fails to complete a PALS recertification class before a current certification card’s expiration date, he or she will need to finish the PALS initial class again to become recertified.

Why Should I Enroll in a PALS Recertification Course at SureFire CPR’s Riverside Campus?

For a PALS learning experience like no other, SureFire CPR’s Riverside campus remains a top choice.

Our PALS recertification class empowers you to become recertified immediately. Plus, our class ensures you can reassess your PALS skill set and will be able to continue to provide essential assistance to critically ill children and infants in life-threatening scenarios.

Let’s not forget about the valuable PALS insights provided by the experienced instructors in Riverside, either.

SureFire CPR boasts a staff that includes paramedics and other medical professionals who are prepared to share their PALS insights with you at all times. In addition, our instructors will collaborate with you to guarantee you’ll possess the understanding and skills to provide crucial assistance in pediatric emergencies consistently.

Choose SureFire CPR’s PALS renewal course at our Riverside campus for an amazing learning experience. To learn more about our PALS renewal class, please contact us today at (888) 277-3143.


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