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Hospital Fire Safety Course Requirements:

The LA City Fire Department has set specific rules to allow live, online Hospital Fire Safety Training. In order to receive your certification:

  1. Each person must be logged into their own SureFire CPR student account. You cannot share your account or computer with anyone else.
  2. The computer you are using must have a webcam and you must be able to be seen during the entire class.
  3. You must participate in the course by responding to chat and using the Zoom functions. If a student is “unresponsive” for more than 20 minutes, they are required by the instructor to be dropped from the class. 
  4. The class will last 4 hours (including the test, survey and downloading the certification card). Please refrain from driving and/or completing other tasks while attending the class. (Regular breaks will be given during class)
  5. Please begin your log in process 15 minutes before the start of class to allow for technical issues. 
  6. All classes close 15 minutes after the start time. Unfortunately, late students will not be allowed to attend.
Rescheduling & No Show Policy:

If a student needs to reschedule their course, they must contact our customer support team at least 24 hours prior to their course date. All students who register for a class and do not attend or reschedule will be billed for. If a student re-enrolls online, SureFire CPR will invoice for both registrations. To avoid the additional fee, reschedule with us by phone at 888-277-3143 or by email at office@surefirecpr.com

Please follow the steps below when registering for your Hospital Fire Safety Certification:
  1. Click on the class date that best works with your schedule
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Continue with registration.”
  3. Please register using your full name so that your completion card can be accurately accounted for.
  4. Enter in the promo code that you received.
  5. Complete the form with your primary email address.
  6. Review your information and click “Confirm Order.”
  7. Review the confirmation email for your registration with directions on how to log into the class. If you do not receive this email, please give us a call at (888) 277-3143.

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Hospital Fire Safety
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