Who Needs Code Red Hospital Training?

Code Red Hospital Training

Whether it’s the smell of smoke, a warm doorknob, or even sight of the fire itself, the first signs of a fire will set off a chain of events in any hospital. One important part of this process is alerting staff of the “Code Red”. This simple phrase lets hospital employees know that there is a fire situation and signals that they’ll need to start taking action. Awareness of code red procedures is an essential part of safety at any hospital. 

Hospital employees need to act quickly and effectively to mitigate risk and keep everyone as safe as possible. Code red training prepares you with the knowledge and skills that you’ll need in order to do so.

What does code red mean in a hospital?

So, what’s code red in a hospital? When someone announces a “Code Red”, it means that there is a detected or a suspected fire situation in the hospital. They might specify a location, such as “Code Red ICU” to indicate where the fire has started.  

Code red is also used because it is more discreet than simply shouting out “fire!”. It is helpful if staff can be aware of the fire or potential fire situation before word spreads among patients and visitors. That way, staff have a bit of extra time to alleviate panic and get the situation under control before things get too hectic.

Why is Code Red Training important?

When hospital team members are prepared for emergency situations, lives are saved. Thorough code red training prepares you to think quickly, take smart actions, and ultimately keep patients, other hospital staff members, and yourself safer. These are just some of the reasons why it’s so valuable:

  1. You will know what to do in the event of a fire emergency.

If a fire breaks out, do you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is? Which patients are you responsible for evacuating? Being aware of your specific role during a fire situation will help keep everyone safe. Code red training will teach you exactly what steps to follow and what to do in a variety of possible scenarios. Depending on your role at the hospital or care facility, there might be certain things that you can do to help keep patients safe, support your teammates, or stop the spread of the fire. Code red training will equip you with this knowledge and more!

  1. It helps you remain calm under pressure.

During a fire emergency, even trained medical professionals might panic if they are not adequately trained in fire safety. Panic or hesitation, no matter how momentary, could impact your ability to protect yourself and your patients. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with protocol ahead of time, you’ll know exactly what to do should an emergency ever occur. Code red training will give you a boost of confidence so that you will be better able to stay calm and cool.

  1. Your team will be prepared to work together effectively.

Who will call 911? Is there a specific emergency number for your hospital? Who will report to which stations? In an emergency, communication issues or confusion waste precious moments––and the cost could be high. If everyone on your team receives proper code red training, you’ll all be on the same page and therefore will work together more efficiently. You can even schedule a group training session so that your entire team receives the same training.

Who needs code red training?

Many medical roles require fire safety education in addition to Basic Life Support (BLS) and other training. However, anyone who works in a hospital or care setting can benefit from code red training, regardless of whether it is a requirement for your certification or not. Both medical and non-medical personnel need to be prepared for emergency situations! These are just some of the many workers who should look into code red training:

hospital fire extinguisher hanging on the wall

  • Registered nurses (RNs)
  • Emergency room personnel
  • ICU staff
  • NICU staff
  • Any other hospital worker
  • Nursing/retirement home employees
  • Rehabilitation facility employees
  • Psychiatric hospital employees
  • Clinic staff

The more people on your staff that can get trained, the better! Each person on-site who is prepared for a fire situation will be better equipped to help. 

What will you learn in Code Red Hospital Training?

Code red hospital training will cover all of the basics of fire safety, as well as healthcare-specific information that you’ll need to know. These are some of the topics that are covered in hospital fire safety courses:

  • The 4 Principles of Hospital Fire Safety
  • Partial vs. total evacuation
  • Common fire hazards
  • Patient rescue and personal safety
  • How to use an alarm and alert the hospital
  • How to reduce the spread of fire
  • What to do if there is a fire in the hallway
  • When it is appropriate to make an unassisted rescue
  • How to carry and drag patients
  • When and how to operate a fire extinguisher
  • How to cooperate with your team during a fire
  • Earthquake preparedness
  • Home fire safety

Learn Hospital Fire Safety With SureFire CPR

Are you ready to start learning more about fire safety and what to do in a code red situation? SureFire CPR’s Hospital Fire Safety course will prepare you for any type of fire emergency that you may encounter in the workplace. Our expert team will walk you through the key learnings, coach you through how to rescue patients, and provide useful real-world information and examples.

We know your schedule is packed as a healthcare employee. We offer a live, instructor led online course with a wide selection of day and time options so that you can fit training in at your convenience.

If you have any questions or if you’re ready to enroll in our Hospital Fire Safety course, you can contact us by phone at (888) 277-3143 or use our online contact form!

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