Fire Safety

When a fire breaks out, you can help keep everyone safe by following the principles of fire safety. Fire safety training will teach you what to do in a fire emergency and how to reduce risk to yourself and others.

What is Fire Safety?

Fire safety training covers fire prevention and protocol in case of a fire emergency. You will learn various fire safety techniques such as patient rescue, operating a fire extinguisher, and other key skills in case you are ever on scene of a hospital fire.

Top Tips for Fire Safety

One of the most important things you can do is make sure yourself and your coworkers are trained in fire safety. Having a plan of action and following the principles of fire safety can prevent injuries and save lives.

How To Prevent A Fire?

It’s important to keep an eye out for potential fire hazards. Rooms with lots of equipment, like kitchens and laundry rooms, are especially susceptible and should be checked regularly. You should also check fire alarms and suppressant systems.

How to Get a Hospital Fire Safety Certification?

Getting Hospital Fire Safety certified is easy with SureFire CPR. Our training course can be taken entirely online, no need to worry about commuting to a facility. The training takes just a few hours to complete and you’ll receive a same-day Blue Fire Card.

Ready to take a Hospital Fire Safety class?

Don’t leave an emergency up to chance.

If you work in a hospital or medical setting, Hospital Fire Safety training is likely a requirement for your job. Get certified in Hospital Fire Safety to set yourself up for a successful––and safe––healthcare career.

Know What to Do Before, During, and After a Fire

Looking to get certified in Hospital Fire Safety?

Individual Fire Safety Class

Individual Fire Safety Class

Gain confidence in your fire safety skills through real-world examples with a SureFire CPR Hospital Fire Safety course.

Group Fire Safety Training

Group Fire Safety Training

Fire safety procedures are only successful if everyone is on the same page. Group training teaches your team to work together and keep each other safe during a fire emergency.


I spent 15 years as a firefighter and paramedic, so I know that fire safety training saves lives.
We can’t predict when a fire will occur, but we can be prepared. I’ve seen firsthand how fire situations can cause people to panic. However, those first few moments are critical. To keep everyone at the hospital safe, you’ll need to jump into action instead of feeling paralyzed by fear. Fire safety training teaches you exactly what to do to keep your patients, coworkers, and yourself safe.

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Fire Safety Blog

Fire Safety FAQ's

The Los Angeles Fire Department recommends following the 4 principles of fire safety, which are life safety, notification, extinguishing the fire, and relocating/evacuating.

Prevent, plan, and practice are the 3 P’s of fire safety.

The key to fire safety is following fire procedures to reduce risk and keep everyone safe during a fire.

There are many aspects to basic fire prevention, from identifying hazards to regular fire alarm maintenance. To learn more about fire prevention, register for a Hospital Fire Safety course with SureFire CPR.

The most important principle of fire safety is life safety, which refers to removing people from safety hazards.


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