ECG & Pharmacology Class in Orange, CA

Class on ECG and Pharmacology

Healthcare professionals in Orange, CA may need to receive electrocardiogram (ECG) and pharmacology training. At SureFire CPR, we offer an ECG & pharmacology class in Orange, CA that makes it simple for healthcare personnel to learn many life-saving skills in a friendly, informative learning environment.

What Will You Learn in Our ECG & Pharmacology Class?

Our ECG & pharmacology course in Orange, CA emphasizes many topics, including:

  • Electrophysiology and heart anatomy
  • Arrhythmias and ECG measurements
  • How to use a heart monitor to interpret heart rhythms
  • The different types of drugs that may be used during a cardiac event
  • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) drug information, including details about drug dosage, usage and contraindication
ECG & Pharmacology Class in Orange, CA

Who Should Enroll in Our ECG & Pharmacology Class?

Our ECG & pharmacology class curriculum is designed to help healthcare professionals learn how to respond in a cardiovascular emergency. The curriculum also focuses on teaching students the skills and techniques needed to provide critical assistance in heart- and drug-related emergencies.

In addition, all of our ECG & pharmacology classes are taught by experienced instructors. This ensures each student can receive comprehensive insights into a number of ECG and pharmacology topics and will understand what it takes to deliver life-saving support in real world settings.

Our ECG & pharmacology class in Orange, CA lasts approximately six hours and represents a great option for students who plan to enroll in an ACLS or pediatric advanced life support (PALS) class as well.

Why Should You Enroll in Our ECG & Pharmacology Class?

Our ECG & pharmacology class in Orange, CA serves as an ideal option for many reasons, including:

  • Superior Lessons: Our lessons blend classroom lectures and hands-on tutorials, ensuring students can build their ECG and pharmacology skill sets in no time at all.
  • Expert Instruction: All of our faculty members boast real world experience and will teach students everything they need to know about numerous ECG and pharmacology topics.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Our ECG & pharmacology class empowers students with the skills and know-how needed to deliver vital assistance in life-threatening situations and may help a student move one step closer to achieving his or her career goals.

Discover the benefits of our ECG & pharmacology class in Orange, CA today. To find out more about our ECG & pharmacology class, please contact us at (888) 277-3143.


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