Why You Should Have Your Employees CPR Certified: Industry Interview

Employees getting CPR Certified

It’s an investment you hope you’ll never need to use, but it’s one that everyone should make. CPR training for employees is an important step for emergency preparedness and safety at your workplace. Although we hope your employees never need to use the skills they learn at CPR training, it is crucial to be proactive, because the unexpected can happen!


We spoke with employers across a variety of industries to see why they had their employees CPR certified:


Education Can Prevent Accidents

One reason employers prefer to have employees receive CPR training is to help minimize the chance of accidents in the workplace. CPR training and general safety education is a great way to keep employees informed and maybe even prevent accidents from happening in the first place.


Olivia Young, Head of Product Design of Conscious Items, noted that “when you train your employees altogether in CPR and First Aid, they’re more likely to be smarter and safer in their actions in the workplace to ensure it doesn’t happen and take extra effort to prevent such disasters. If a company incorporates such training in the workplace, it shows the company cares about the health and well-being of the employees.”


Prepare For Workplace Accidents

Anything we can do to prevent avoidable accidents is important, but it is also important to note that no matter the industry, accidents do happen! A situation where CPR is necessary can occur any time, anywhere. If your employees are aware of the signs of cardiac arrest and other emergencies, they are better equipped to handle these incidents––and potentially save a life.


As a food services provider, Markus Albert, Marketing Manager at Eat First, knows that CPR training is an important part of employee safety and accident prevention. Markus explained that CPR training “also helps reduce workplace accidents, because people are more aware of the risks and employees feel valued that you are taking their health and safety into consideration and equipping them with an important widely applicable skill.”


Start Helping Before Professionals Arrive

Of course, when a medical emergency is happening at your new business plan, you’ll always need to call 911 and get professional help. However, if your employees are trained in CPR, you can start aiding the victim while the first responders are on their way. During a medical emergency where the patient is unconscious and not breathing, every second counts. Although first responders do everything in their power to arrive on the scene quickly, the time it takes could be the difference between life and death for a patient.


Willie Greer, a business owner and founder, explained that BLS training and CPR certification are an important part of their team’s emergency situation training. Greer explains that “I always value the safety of everyone, and it reassures me to know that even without a medic’s help right away, they will be able to help each other should any fortuitous event occur.”


Similarly, Guy Bar of hyfitgear.com expressed that it is important to have employees “who are certified can take a hold of the situation and help as much as they can until the ambulance arrives which can reduce recovery time for the patient and possibly reduce any kind of suffering on the body.”


CPR Skills Extend Beyond The Workplace

As essential as CPR and BLS skills are to have in the workplace, another great thing about training is that your employees can take that education with them wherever they go. You’ll be setting your employees up for success and providing them with skills that could save a life in the office or at home.


Olivia Tan of cocofax.com said that “CPR education would never be restricted to the office. Indeed, teaching workers to practice CPR and utilize an AED equips them with a life-long experience that they will apply independent of their circumstances.”


Invest in Employee Safety and Wellness

As an employer, keeping your employees safe is a top priority. Signing your team up for CPR certification courses is an investment in their health and safety. Piyushi Dhir, of helpandwellness.com, noted that CPR training is a great way to boost overall employee wellness and to create a positive, safe work environment for all.


A company’s greatest asset is its employees and investing in CPR and first-aid training for your employees is a good way to meet your legal and ethical responsibilities toward your workers. Employees should not wait until an emergency happens before they receive the life-saving training they need,” said Dhir.


Facilitate Team Bonding

CPR training is also a great way for your employees to bond. No matter what kind of office you have or what your team members’ roles are, teamwork and communication skills are highly important. In the event of a real emergency, quick communication and understanding are crucial. CPR training fosters team building in a memorable, unique way and gives your team an opportunity to practice working together in these types of situations. Your employees will learn life-saving skills, have the opportunity to ask questions, and get comfortable working as a team.


Dhir also noted that “First-Aid training in the workplace can be used as an excellent team-building exercise and boost overall morale.” Another employer, Torben, the founder of DiveIn, agrees. Torben explained that the “entire team has to be ready for all situations, including the worst ones. CPR is an absolute must for all employees, even the ones who don’t work in the field. First, this is a way for employees to bond and learn a new, highly useful skill.”


Get CPR Certified With SureFire CPR

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