5 Ways To Thank Your Healthcare Provider

All too often, healthcare providers are overworked and under-thanked. They work long hours, undergo intense conditions, and miss out on time with their families, all so that our own families can be healthy and safe. When we are at our worst, healthcare workers do their best to take care of us. Let’s show the incredible healthcare professionals in our lives how grateful we are for their inspiring work!


Why is it important to say thank you to healthcare professionals?

Working on the frontline as a healthcare employee can take a significant mental, physical, and emotional toll. When someone’s health is in your hands, there isn’t much time to take a step back and process everything or congratulate oneself for a job well done––it’s time to move on to the next patient in need. 


One small gesture of gratitude from patient to provider can go a really long way. It doesn’t have to be a huge demonstration or an expensive endeavor. It’s cliche, but the thought really is what counts. Simply taking the time to show your appreciation can make a truly meaningful difference.


What are some special thank you gifts for healthcare workers?

Think about a doctor, nurse, EMT, or another healthcare professional in your own life. Who was there when you needed them most? Did someone go above and beyond to help you feel comfortable and safe? It’s never too late to reach out. Here are some ideas to help you say thank you to healthcare professionals:


  1. Write them a letter

Writing a note of thanks to your provider is a great way to show appreciation. This can be in the form of a beautiful handmade card or something as simple as a quick email. If you have children, you might encourage them to create drawings for their pediatrician. A letter or note is a wonderful option because you can be as creative and spend as much time on it as you would like. You might want to jot down why you are grateful for them, how they made a difference in your life, or how you’ve been feeling since your visit. Regardless of what the letter looks like or how you phrase it, your healthcare provider will undoubtedly treasure your kind words for years to come.


  1. Talk to their supervisor

In addition to writing to your healthcare provider directly, you might consider thanking them indirectly. Reaching out to their supervisor and making it known that the provider did an exceptional job is a great way to show your support. After all, everyone appreciates a good word with the boss! It could very well be the difference between a competitive promotion or a raise. If you’re unsure who to reach out to, you might want to check the hospital website or give the office a quick call.


  1. Give a referral

It’s also great to spread the word outside of the office. If you’ve received care from a doctor, dentist, or another healthcare provider that you really liked, be sure to pass their number along to friends and family. Providers are often found through word of mouth, so it’s a great way to help and show your appreciation. You can also leave a review online. There are many online resources for healthcare reviews, including healthgrades.com, vitals.com, and the WebMD Physician Directory. Many offices also have Yelp pages or an option to leave a Google review. Taking a moment to leave a positive review will not only help your provider but will also help other patients in need find excellent care! It’s a win-win for the entire community.


  1. Drop off a treat

Another great way to say “thank you healthcare workers” is with a present. Any gift or treat is a guaranteed way to make your healthcare provider’s day. After a long day on the hospital floor, some chocolate or candy makes life a bit sweeter. Or, brighten up the doctor’s office with a fresh floral arrangement! Employees’ and visitors’ moods will be boosted by the touch of beauty that some flowers bring to the office or hospital wing. If you would really like to go the extra mile, a gift basket is a thoughtful present. You can pick out appropriate items for your provider, like stethoscope decorations, protein bars or bagged snacks, and other small gifts.


  1. Stay healthy

Your healthcare providers love seeing you––but they prefer when you are healthy and happy! One of the best ways to show appreciation for their hard work is to care for yourself and those around you. Taking preventative measures for your health, exercising and eating well, and brushing up on your safety skills will make your healthcare providers proud. When you go in for your next physical or visit, let them know that you’ve been doing so. They’ll love hearing your story! As a healthcare worker, seeing a patient’s health improve is the most meaningful reward there is.


Healthcare providers see countless patients a day. You can be the one that makes their day special with a nice gesture to show how much their efforts mean to you. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, therapists, and other healthcare professionals aren’t in the industry for the thanks, but they are very deserving of it.


We hope these tips have helped you find a way to say thank you to healthcare professionals in your life on your next visit!

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