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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a set of methods that is used to revive an unresponsive person suffering from cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is caused by an inadequate amount of blood flow transporting to the brain. The reduction of blood flow is what causes someone to fall unconscious, stop breathing, and be unable to carry oxygenated blood on their own. CPR is used to keep blood flowing to the brain until the victim can restore their breathing and proper circulation on their own. CPR certification in Irvine is approved by the American Heart Association and is meant for security guards, teachers, fitness instructors, and lifeguards.

What Is the Chain of Survival?

The chain of survival is a set of actions a responder is supposed to follow when helping an unconscious victim in an emergency. CPR is used during this five-step sequence, and it is a part of what makes the chain of survival so effective in saving a victim’s life.

Here’s how the chain of survival works:

  1. Recognition of a cardiac emergency and ordering someone to call medical personnel.
  2. Immediate activation of CPR, with an emphasis on chest compressions. The latest updates of AHA guidelines focus on minimizing the time that compressions are not being performed.
  3. The application of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to correct the victim’s electrical imbalance that causes irregular heartbeats. Everyone can be educated in how to employ an AED rapidly with CPR certification in Irvine.
  4. The fourth step is for victim to receive advanced care that is provided by paramedics once they have arrived at the scene. Advanced care usually utilizes bag masks, drugs, and breathing tubes.
  5. The last part of the chain of survival is post-cardiac arrest care. This takes place in a hospital and is led by a physician or nurse, as well as during outpatient care when the victim has been discharged.
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Why Are CPR Classes in Irvine so Important?

Accidents happen when we least expect them: You can be hiking with friends when someone collapses to the ground and becomes unresponsive. You can be grocery shopping when a senior citizen suffers from a cardiac arrest, and you can be at home when a loved one starts choking, or while celebrating a day at the beach when someone nearly drowns. We never want to have to use CPR, but you need to be prepared for an emergency when one does happen. Instead of not being able to take action, you can be prepared to help a loved one in an emergency by taking Irvine CPR and First Aid classes.

Irvine CPR classes with SureFire CPR will teach its students everything they need to know to help in cardiac emergencies. Following the instructions taught by SureFire CPR instructors who work every day in the medical field, you will be prepared to help loved ones and others when you leave with your certification. Protect your family and fellow citizens with the CPR courses in Irvine from SureFire CPR.


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