SureFire CPR Updates for COVID-19

SureFire CPR Updates for COVID-19

As the climate and regulations continue to change everyday with COVID-19, we wanted to give all our students an update on our current operations.

We have had multiple hospitals and healthcare providers reach out to us requesting that we remain open to ensure that their providers can stay compliant and continue to work. At this time, we are remaining open to support the healthcare community so that they can focus on patient care. We are only offering healthcare provider courses and have suspended all layperson classes until further notice.

We have reduced our already small class sizes even more to ensure that each student is within the social distancing guidelines. We are continuously disinfecting ‘high-touch’ areas and are having all students wash their hands when they arrive to class.

In addition, we have added more skills check sessions where you can do most of the course online and come into our office for a brief one-on-one skills check with an instructor. You will receive the same certification card as an instructor-led class.

In compliance with the ‘Stay at Home’ mandate, we have severely reduced the administrative staff in our offices as they will be working from home. We will still be available to answer phone calls and emails to keep in touch.

We will continue to keep our community updated on our status, however, if you do not hear from us, your class will remain open. We thank you for your continued support as we navigate through these unprecedented times.


Vanessa and Zack Zarrilli



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