What is ACLS Certification

Advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) certification offers a set of clinical algorithms for the treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions. It was originally established in 1974 and has been updated regularly since that time, ensuring healthcare professionals possess the skills and knowledge to support patients during cardiac arrest, stroke and other emergencies.

What is ACLS certification?

So, what is ACLS? ACLS certification demonstrates that an individual has been trained in ACLS to the standard set by the American Heart Association (AHA).

You can get ACLS certified through any AHA-accredited program, such as SureFire CPR’s ACLS certification. Depending on your experience and goals, you can take different levels of certification. Initial provider-level courses are great for first-time ACLS trainees. These courses are comprehensive and cover all ACLS topics thoroughly. Renewal courses are intended for students who have already taken a full course and need to keep their certification current.

What is Covered in ACLS Training?

ACLS covers a wide variety of first-response techniques and methodologies, including the following:

  • Basic life support (BLS)
  • Recognition and treatment of cardiac arrest rhythms
  • Leading and supporting a resuscitation team, including team communication and dynamics
  • Airway management
  • ACLS pharmacology, including the administration of medications and other interventions

SureFire CPR is proud to offer a high-caliber ACLS training course, developed with the latest AHA guidelines and taught by experienced professionals. Our trainers all have experience in the field as first responders and healthcare providers and can provide helpful insights and real-world examples.

Benefits of ACLS Certification

When a patient is suffering through a medical crisis, the skills learned in ACLS could save their life. Getting ACLS certification offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased confidence and preparedness in emergency situations
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Expanded career opportunities for healthcare professionals

ACLS draws on a wide range of technical knowledge and is appropriate only to those who are deeply experienced in patient care. For those who are qualified, however, it can mean the difference between life and death for a person in critical need. As such, it’s often mandatory for advanced medical personnel who will treat patients during serious medical emergencies.

Who should consider ACLS certification?

ACLS certification is applicable to qualified medical professionals because it may involve intubating a patient and/or administering intravenous drugs. It is recommended for healthcare professionals and medical professionals who may have to respond to a cardiac emergency, including:

  • Doctors
  • Registered nurses (RNs)
  • Paramedics

ACLS certification, however, is not for policemen, teachers, physiotherapists or lay persons. As such, ACLS certification candidates will already know:

  • How to read electrocardiograms (ECGs).
  • How to administer medications
  • Basic anatomy, physiology and pharmacology

In addition, responding to an ACLS incident may involve reading, interpreting and making treatment decisions based on the ability to read an ECG. For this reason, the candidate for ACLS certification should get in as much practice as possible at interpreting ECGs and with basic pharmacology. Taking a class in ECG and pharmacology will help those who have never taken an ACLS class before. That will maximize the chances of success and help save more lives.

ACLS Certification Renewal

You’ve worked hard for your certification; don’t let it expire. AHA ACLS certification is valid for 2 years from the date of course completion, so make sure to renew it every 2 years. This is especially important if ACLS certification is required by your employer – you don’t want to find yourself without a necessary qualification at work.

ACLS recertification is easy with SureFire CPR. When it’s time to renew your ACLS certification, just sign up for a renewal course. Our ACLS renewal courses provide a refresher on the most important topics so you can keep your life-saving skills sharp.

Get ACLS Certified Today

If you’re a healthcare professional, ACLS certification is absolutely vital. By continuing your education, you’ll be equipped to help your patients and excel in your career. Learning more about emergency medical procedures is a smart investment in your future.

Sign up for an ACLS certification course today. Visit our course page to learn more and see all available course dates and times. For more resources, you can visit our ACLS Hub. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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