If I Perform CPR, Will I Catch A Disease? (Part 2)

In part one of, “If I perform CPR, will I catch a disease?” we talked about the chances of catching a disease from CPR. Now, we will focus on how to decrease your chances even further!   Previously we talked about gloves and safety glasses. Now we focus on: CPR Barrier Devices We are going […]

If I Perform CPR, Will I Catch A Disease? (Part 1)

It’s ok, I’ve thought about it too… If I do CPR will I catch something? Don’t feel bad for thinking that. It’s completely normal. There is a lot of bad stuff out there and the last thing that I want to do is catch a disease that is going to kill me for trying to […]

A First Aid Video You Must Show Your Kids!

What an inspiration! Would your kids react in the same way? Talk with them about the importance of CPR and First Aid, and let them know how to call 911. Have you talked to your kids? Share your story below!

CPR Without Safety Glasses? Risky!

Should you wear safety glasses when you perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)? Absolutely! With safety glasses at your disposal, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of bloodborne pathogens or other harmful particles or liquids from getting into your eyes. Plus, safety glasses are portable and easy to use, making them exceedingly valuable for emergency responders […]

During CPR, Think like a Fireman!

A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency can occur at any time. And regardless of your cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or first aid experience, you can provide valuable assistance to an SCA victim, especially if you think like a firefighter. What does it take to step into a firefighter’s shoes during an SCA emergency? Here are three […]


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