Top Jobs in San Diego that Require ACLS Certification

ACLS jobs in San Diego

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is the study of techniques and methods used to help victims suffering from cardiopulmonary emergencies, such as cardiac arrest. ACLS is an advanced skills-set reserved for healthcare professionals and medical personnel who work in clinics or hospitals, and who see patients on a regular basis.


There is a wide range of careers in San Diego that require ACLS certification, and they involve professionals in preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative services. If you’re interested in joining the healthcare field, keep reading for the top jobs that require employees to obtain ACLS training.

ACLS Jobs in San Diego:

Registered Nurses are one of the ACLS jobs in San Diego and they oversee, care for and manage patients suffering from varying medical emergencies. They need to know how to recognize emergencies, how to respond to them, and how to administer the appropriate treatment. RN’s also need to know ECG rhythms and their corresponding ACLS algorithms, along with the proper medicinal doses.

Medical Practitioners more simply known as doctors are required to complete ACLS certification and continue to renew every two years to keep current with resuscitation methods and emergency recognition skills. Medical practitioners need to be able to recognize and treat acute coronary syndromes, stroke, cardiac arrest, chest pain, introduce an IV, and use an Automated External Defibrillator, all of which are taught in the ACLS class.

Dentists require specialized training, such as what is taught in the ACLS certification San Diego course, because they oversee patients on a daily basis. They must be able to recognize varying medical emergencies and conditions, will need to treat patients accordingly using the correct procedures and medications, and will need to be able to respond to any abnormalities during treatment, such as knowing ECG rhythms and their algorithms.

Paramedical Practitioners include physiotherapists and speech therapists and they are responsible for direct patient care and need to be able to recognize and provide initial treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible. These professionals are a part of the ACLS jobs in San Diego because they often work in hospitals and clinics, and may see patients with a variety of health issues, such as stroke and cardiac arrest. Both professionals need the advanced recognition, diagnosis, and treatment skills taught in the ACLS course in San Diego.

Pharmacists give prescription medications to patients and offer their expertise in the safe use of the medicine. ACLS teaches healthcare professionals about the many different kinds of drugs out there, what they are used to treat, as well as their proper dosage in accordance to the patient, their age, and condition.

Midwives are nursing professionals specialized in the care of pregnant women, mothers, and infants. Midwives train in the physical, mental, and emotional needs of patients, and will need the skills taught in ACLS to be able to recognize health issues during pregnancy and during birth, ECG rhythms and algorithms, as well as understand appropriate medications and doses.

Respiratory Therapists care for adults, children, and infants with breathing problems. They diagnose and treat various issues including respiratory diseases like asthma and emphysema. They may also give care for patients who are suffering from heart attacks, drowning, or shock. The ACLS course teaches the care for cardiopulmonary emergencies, or when a victim cannot breathe properly, and teaches professionals how to recognize and treat emergencies.

All these professionals have a great responsibility to ensuring citizens are well taken care of with adequate medical treatment. ACLS jobs in San Diego can help accomplish quality healthcare.

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