Online CPR Training Courses May Not Be All They Seem

Nowadays, it seems everything can be done on-line. Just think about your daily routine: you pay your bills, shop, and make travel reservations without leaving your home. And while it’s true that certain tasks are conducive to the on-line experience, others are not. Can you really learn CPR online?

Training In Bloodborne Pathogens

If your job demands that you come in contact with blood, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that you become trained in bloodborne pathogens. Our blog post this week is about Bloodborne Pathogen Training.

New Device Assists EMTs in Administering CPR

CPR has been around for decades, but that hasn’t stopped medical experts from trying to perfect it or supplement the technique with new technological advances. Want to know more about new CPR supplements? Check out the SureFire CPR Blog!

When CPR is Needed, the AMA Recommends How to Respond

Even if an individual is not completely certified in CPR, the American Heart Association generally recommends that bystanders nonetheless perform certain actions to help a victim. Read on to find out more in the SureFire CPR Blog!

Pediatric First Aid

New parents have so much they need to think about when they take their new little bundle home from the hospital. One thing they should never have to worry about is what to do if their precious infant stopped breathing. Unfortunately for many this becomes a reality. Pediatric First Aid is the topic of this week’s SureFire CPR blog post.

Email Hoaxes Shed Light on the Importance of Professional On-Site CPR Instruction

Email hoaxes, of course, are nothing new. Unsuspecting victims may pass along their credit card information to complete strangers; others may reveal their passwords to their Facebook or e-mail accounts.

Yet some hoaxes are more serious than others – particularly those with life or death implications. Have you heard of “Cough CPR?” If not, check it out in this month’s blog post.


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